Sick of coming home from work with a sore back and achy muscles? You’re in luck: we’ve rounded up the best massage chairs in Singapore to help you kick back, relax and relieve all that tension.

Best Massage Chairs in Singapore

Sit back, grab a drink, and let’s get started on finding that perfect massage chair for you and your loved ones!

1. Sterra Massage Chairs

sterra massage chairs singaporeSource: Sterra

If you’re looking for massage chairs at half the price of what traditional brands are offering in Singapore, Sterra is a brand that you can’t overlook.

Ideal for relieving chronic pain, body aches, stress, inflammation, and muscle tension, Sterra’s massage chairs are just what you need after a stressful day of meetings. Offering a deep tissue and all-encompassing massage, you’ll leave feeling refreshed. Better yet, you won’t want to leave at all!

Depending on your budget, you can choose from five different massage chairs – Sterra Light, Sterra Air, Sterra Sky and the newly released Sterra Galaxy and Starlight. These Premium Quality Massage Chairs are over 50% more affordable than traditional brands out there. Most massage chairs typically go for about $4000 or maybe even more.

Sterra Galaxy and Sterra StarlightSource: Sterra

The chairs come packed with various features, including CompressPro™ massage, heat therapy, NASA-backed zero gravity, Precision AI™ body scan technology, and SpinSonic™ sole rotation technology.

The chairs are also space-saving – they only need to be 3 to 5 cm away from the wall – and come equipped with Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers for you to relax to your favorite playlists.

The new Sterra Galaxy and Starlight have unique features of their own. Galaxy has a Fixed Point massage technology meaning the massage rollers of the chair are at a fixed location while – Starlight employs high-end S/L Track technology meaning the rollers are more mobile and provide more adaptive and customizable massages to loosen knots and relieve aches; plus it has the AI Body scan technology.

Prices start at $999, click here to buy your very own Sterra massage chair.


2. OTO Capsule

OTO Capsule massage chair singaporeSource: OTO

Experience ultimate relaxation with the OTO Capsule massage chair, which offers five different built-in massage programs, including Swedish, Thai, Chinese, stretch, and sleep modes. With the 2 Dimension Intelligent Body Scan and G-SENSOR, along with the 3D Smart Chip, the OTO Capsule detects the user’s physical dimensions and contours, accurately massaging key points of the body for an optimal massage experience.

The chair also features a foot massager with heat therapy up to 45°C, providing soothing relief for your tired soles. With four castor wheels, the chair is easy to move around.

Get the OTO Capsule at $1969 on Shopee.


3. OGAWA MySofa Luxe

OGAWA MySofa Luxe massage chair singaporeSource: OGAWA

Designed for those living in smaller abodes, the OGAWA MySofa Luxe is a compact massage chair that doesn’t compromise on decadence. Using Zero Wall technology, the chair needs only minimal wall clearance to recline.

You can lay in a zero-gravity position, a posture that reduces stress on the heart and relieves your body from the pressure of its own weight. The chair offers six auto massage programs, each targeting different pain points.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the chair to your Spotify and enjoy your favourite beats. Plus, it has a USB charging port to keep your devices juiced up. For insomniacs, turn on the swing mode that mimics a cradling motion to help you drift off to sleep.

Get the OGAWA MySofa Luxe on Shopee at $2480.


4. novita M series® Massage Chair MC 8

novita M series Massage Chair singaporeSource: novita

Experience a luxurious massage with the novita M series® Massage Chair MC 8. This chic massage chair offers five 3D massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, sync, shiatsu, and knocking, to relieve tension and soothe your sore muscles.

Elevate your massage experience by connecting a device via Bluetooth and listening to your favourite music while getting a relaxing massage. The chair’s minimalist champagne colour adds a touch of elegance to your home décor without compromising on functionality.

Get the novita M series® Massage Chair MC 8 on Shopee at $1899.


Investing in a good massage chair offers a convenient way to relieve stress and soothe sore muscles in the comfort of your home. From luxury models to more affordable alternatives, we hope that you found a suitable massage chair from our recommendations!

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