Imagine this.

You are making your way from the MRT station to the bus stop. Just as the bus pulls up to the bus bay, you suddenly remember that your card has insufficient value. Perhaps you can pay with coins, you think, as you rummage in your pockets – but you come up empty.

Reluctantly, you retrace your steps as quickly as you can to the MRT station to top up your card, only to discover that there is a long queue at the control station. It looks like you will be late for your appointment.

Does this experience sound familiar to you?

EZ-Link Express Top Up

One of the best features of our local public transport system is the ease at which we can just “tap and go” with our EZ-Link cards on our buses and trains. Gone are the days when we would be frantically counting change or fishing in our pockets for our fare cards as the bus rolled up to the bus stop.

And now, Android users, rejoice! EZ-Link has taken the ease of travelling one step further via the EZ-Link App! Now you can connect to multiple products and services at the touch of a finger and top-up EZ-Link & Concession cards anytime, anywhere.

EZ-Link Express Top Up App

The EZ-Link App’s main draw is its Express Top Up function (currently available on Android devices only), which will allow users to top-up both EZ-Link and Concession cards on-the-go.

And from now till 31 October 2020 30 April 2021, every Express Top Up made via your EZ-Link App will also earn you a $0.50 cashback* into your EZ-Link Wallet, which you can use for cashless purchases at EZ-Link-accepted SGQR merchants!

*Cashback is capped at a maximum of $2.00 per card every month.

That’s not all! Here are five more reasons why you should use Express Top Up:

No more long queues

Save time by skipping the queue at top-up machines and control stations! Parents with young kids in tow, we are sure you will appreciate this point the most.

Stay safe(r)

Bypassing the top-up machines reduces your contact time with public facilities during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing, everyone.

EZ-Link App Express Top Up

You can help others too!

Parents can top up EZ-Link and concession cards for their children, which is such an added convenience! You can also top-up cards for your friends or elderly parents via Express Top Up.

Block your lost card

In the event that you lose your EZ-Link card, you can immediately block the card using the EZ-Link App and recover the value stored in the card.

Earn as you go

Make payments and transactions via the EZ-Link Wallet in the EZ-Link App, which functions as a personal mobile wallet. It allows you to make payments for local and international purchases by scanning an SGQR Code or at an Alipay Connect-enabled merchant. By doing this, you can also earn EZ-Link Rewards points for your digital wallet transactions.

Android users, wait no longer. Download the EZ-Link App and activate the EZ-Link Wallet╦ć to start earning cashback for every top-up!

*Express Top Up function is currently available for Android users only.
╦ćActivation of EZ-Link Wallet is required in order to receive $0.50 cashback.

Find out more here.

Did you know that EZ-Link also has other contactless options to make travelling a breeze? Check them out!

EZ-Link Wearables

Whether you like the sleek and sophisticated in all-black style or cute and compact in a fun-sized form, there’s something for everyone to tap their way through with a flick of the wrist. These can be used on public transport, as well as at retail and vending outlets that accept EZ-Link forms of payment

EZ-Link Charms

Up the cute factor EZ-Link Charms, which function similar to your EZ-Link card as well. Past launches have seen their popular Hello Kitty and Tsum Tsum designs being snapped up! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to get the latest updates on new EZ-Link Charms launches!

This post is brought to you by EZ-Link.

By Dorothea Chow.

* * * * *

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