Ease Your Child’s Discomfort in Writing with the Ergonomically designed Pencil Grip Suitable for both Left and Right Handers at just $8! 2 Options to Choose From!

pencil grip

Attention all parents! Is your child complaining about discomfort in holding the pencil? Anxious to develop good handwriting skills for your child? This is just the deal to ease your worries!

2 Options to choose from:
Option 1: 2 pieces for $8 (Comes with FREE normal mail)
Option 2: 2 pieces for $11 (Comes with Registered mail)

Offering to you at just $8 for 2 pieces of pencil grip, you can now be at ease as you are now able to help our child to develop a good pencil grip at a low cost. The Pencil Grip is a revolutionary applied technology that works with the body’s natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping.

how to grip a pencil

Allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface, The Pencil Grip sets the industry standard in ergonomics. It works for both right and left-handed users by gently placing the hand of its users in the proper position for gripping.

The natural feel and soft comfortable material make it easy and fun to write that can be used by kids and adults alike.

pencil grip soft material

Pencil grips may seem like such a small item but they can be a huge help when it comes to making writing easier or more comfortable. A good pencil grip is one of the first steps to developing good handwriting skills, help cramped or calloused hands and can also serve as a teaching tool in promoting fine motor skills.

gripping pencil

The Crossover Grip has added wings to prevent fingers from crossing over each other. The grip resembles butterfly wings and adds cushioning between the fingers. Simply place right thumb on the “R” for right-handers, left thumb on the “L” for left-handers and other fingers fall naturally into a cushioned tripod grasp.

pencil grip

Available in colour combinations:

  1. Blue and green
  2. Pink and red
  3. Yellow and orange
  4. Pink and purple
  5. Blank and grey
  6. Purple and Blue

(Note: Colour Combination is fixed and not exchangeable)

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