How can we nurture our children to be happy and prepare them for success in this fast-changing world?

Dreamkids is not your conventional preschool.

It employs a fusion of the world’s best early childhood educational approaches. The school’s Education and Curriculum Specialist comes from Finland – recognised as one of the world’s leading education systems – and blends knowledge of Finland’s well-balanced system with the successful traits Singapore.

Dreamkids happy child

Adopting a thematic approach in their school, Dreamkids Kindergarten partnered with Rovio Entertainment Ltd, to bring in an early childhood education program for three to six-year-olds based on the ‘Fun Learning’ methods and values. The programme, Angry Birds Playground, supports engagement, creativity and innovative thinking.

Backed by a value-based education with strong emphasis on a culture of dreams and gratitude, Dreamkids is a place where everyone – children, teachers and parents – think, speak and use the common language of Dreams and Gratitude.

Because values are not taught, but are influenced through daily little consistent action.

Where: 46 East Coast Road #01-03 Singapore 428766
Tel: 6348 8078 / (SMS) 8777 8834

Trial classes are now available! Call 6348 8078 or SMS 8777 8834 for more info.

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