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2 to 17 March 2019

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Crestar Art Programmes


Kinder Art | Junior Picasso
Achieve mastery of a thousand languages through our Art programmes. Introduce your child to a spectrum of drawing media and techniques, and watch them effectively and confidently express thoughts and feelings through their colourful creations.

Developed to adopt the inter-disciplinary approach, our Art programme integrates school academic subjects into Art. ArtMazing provides an exciting new pedagogic environment where students are mentored to achieve the highest possible artistic and intellectual standards.

Crestar Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Programmes

Abacus & Mental Arithmetic
Maximise your child’s cognitive abilities and intellectual thinking through Crestar’s Abacus enrichment programme. Taught by a team of internationally-certified and experienced teachers, and delivered through a proprietary curriculum designed to complement MOE syllabus, give your child the quality head start they deserve.


Crestar Dance Programmes

Poise, grace and confidence – these are what your child can achieve through Crestar’s ballet programme. With over 40 years of dance excellence, our team of highly-experienced and credentialed dance teachers, coupled with a dance curriculum developed by an international team of professionals, will ensure your child receives the best dance education we can offer.

Combining modern dance and classical ballet elements into a presentation of abstract and interpretation, our Contemporary Dance programme encourages students to confidently express their emotions through their fluid body movements.

Often danced to pop music, our Jazz Dance programme emphasizes on stretching and strengthening while improving flexibility, coordination and speed. There will be plenty of fun with a variety of turns, jumps, kicks and traveling steps, as well as rhythm and expression to develop a confident performance style.

Hip Hop
An open style dance programme where students learn high-energy movements such as gliding, jerking and freezing – all the popular moves seen in music videos, and dance to the latest pop songs!


Speech & Drama

English Speech & Drama
Let your child explore a world of creativity and imagination, where colourful story characters and animated puppets come to life through them! As they delve into the imaginary world with their friends, they acquire social skills and confidence through group drama and skits, and achieve clear articulation and expression of the English language through poetry recitals and fun tongue twisters.

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