In a day and age where many parents explore the best opportunities for their children’s growth and development, dance classes have consistently been an activity of choice. From helping little ones develop strength and agility through this active form of exercise, dance is also a powerful medium of creative expression. Dance classes provide a nurturing environment where children will flourish as they build poise, grace and confidence.

Crestar School of Dance Ballet classes SingaporeLearning together with other students from the Classical Ballet class

Established in 1977 as a dance department in Yamaha Music School, Crestar School of Dance (CSD) is renowned in the industry and is one of the largest private dance schools in Singapore. Their top-quality and rigorous dance curriculum was developed by an international team of professionals in their field of dance and music.

Crestar School of Dance boasts an exceptional team of dance teachers and instructors, carefully selected through stringent and rigorous recruitment processes. Their commitment to excellence is seen in the investment in the professional development of their teachers and instructors, with ample opportunities for skill enhancement and continuous training provided for them.

Experiencing The Crestar School Of Dance Difference

Crestar School of Dance Ballet ClassTeacher guiding students in the ballet class

As mother to an energetic 5 year-old who previously expressed interest in dance, I was excited to have her attend a trial ballet class at Crestar School of Dance. On the day of the dance session, we were ushered into the dance studio and warmly greeted by the ballet teacher for the session. She started the students on lower body warm-ups with leg and feet stretches. From there, they moved to barre work where the students gathered at the side of the studio and used the handrails for balance and support. The students were guided on their postures such as standing straight and tall as they practised their toe pointing and demi pliƩs (a sort of graceful half bend).

The students also had to perform mini routines to music, honing their coordination and balance while they maintained their graceful postures. Despite my daughter being a newcomer, she was able to catch up on the basics and mimic the various ballet positions. The ballet teacher tailored the class to make sure that before each exercise, there was a quick recap and demonstration so my daughter could follow along. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session, even taking note of what she learnt in class and doing spring point and spring heel exercises at home.

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Crestar Ballet Classes in SingaporeStudents practising their various ballet movements

If you are keen to let your child explore avenues that can foster self-expression and immerse them in new experiences, do sign them up for a Crestar School of Dance trial class. For the month of July and August, Crestar School of Dance is having first dance trial class promotion at $10 nett with a free $10 Popular voucher, it’s a great way for them to experience the wonders of dance and movement for themselves.

Crestar School of Dance offers students a diverse array of dance programmes to choose from which will cater to children of varying ages and interests. Choose from Classical Ballet to Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop etc. that will develop students holistically. There will be performance opportunities (such as concerts, competitions etc.) organised for students to showcase their talents and for parents to enjoy!

To further develop their interest in dance, students are encouraged to take international dance examinations conducted by recognised institutions such as the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD), to further their dance journey. Students will be specially coached and prepared for the accredited examinations by qualified professionals with vast knowledge and experience.

Don’t wait to get your child started on a fulfilling dance journey!

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This post is brought to you by Crestar School of Dance.

By Jasmine Chua.

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