2019 marks the 200th year of the founding of Singapore. Join us in one of the nation’s bicentennial celebrations on Saturday, 27 April 2019 at the Community Chest Getai-Xinyao Charity Concert 2019, as we commemorate and reflect on Singapore’s journey over the years and showcase the power of community spirit and giving.

Community Chest Getai-Xinyao Charity Concert 2019

Date: 27 Apr 2019
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Football Field next to Commonwealth MRT Station
Admission: Free

The Getai-Xinyao Charity Concert is a light-hearted outdoor event featuring exhilarating musical performances, and we hope to use this platform to connect with the community and rally them to build a caring and inclusive home for all.

Community Chest Getai-Xinyao Charity Concert 2019

Be a part of this community outreach and empower lives of the disadvantaged by making a donation today. First 20 donors will receive a set of 5 tickets (with allocated seats) to the event with every $200 donation! All donations are entitled to 250% tax deduction. You can make the donation here.

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