Update 31 Jan 2023: Tickets for the Chingay Parade 2023 from 3 & 4 February 2023 at the F1 Pit Building have all been sold out.

To further spread the festive joy and cheer of Chingay, audiences will now be allowed into a free-standing area on a complimentary first-come-first-served basis.

This is also a gesture of appreciation for the warm support received from the public for the physical Parade after its digital and hybrid formats the last two years. The parade will begin at 8 pm and members of the public are encouraged to come down earlier to secure good spots for better viewing of the performances and Chingay floats along the parade route.

The Chingay team will work closely with the relevant authorities and personnel on crowd management and security.

Please visit the Chingay website or the social media platforms (@chingayparadesg), for more information.

A stellar programme line-up with show elements, special effects, and audience interactions to dazzle over 28,000 in-person spectators

Chingay Parade 2023

Singapore’s biggest multicultural Chingay parade is back to electrify and engage audiences on 3 and 4 February 2023 with a live spectacle. Striding into the first year after its Golden Jubilee, the 2023 annual Chingay parade will present audiences with an entirely different experience of arts, culture, and heritage set in a musical format to mark a new beginning. A delight for the senses, Chingay Parade – Singapore’s largest community arts showcase – will involve over 10,000 residents, artists, and art groups including more than 3,000 performers. It will also mark the return of big resplendent floats alongside mini community-created floats. Spectators will also be able to see the floats and performers up close. The National Education (NE) show for primary school students is also back after a two-year hiatus.

Lim Hock Yu, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association (PA) said, “After two years of presenting Chingay via digital and hybrid formats, we are excited to bring back the Chingay parade physically at the F1 Pit Building. Chingay has always been about the people and bringing people together to celebrate our unique and multi-faceted cultural mix. This year, Chingay 2023 will start a fresh chapter that involves wider community participation including the younger generation to reimagine and tell our People’s Parade of Singaporean cultures – our multi-culturalism, our youth, and our community arts in a more innovative, trendy, and appealing format.”

Embrace Tomorrow

With the theme, “Embrace Tomorrow”, Chingay 2023 Parade completes the trilogy that began with 2021’s “Light of Hope”, followed by 2022’s “Ignite Our Dreams”. It calls on Singaporeans to treasure the present and embrace tomorrow together as a community with hope, dreams, and confidence as we commit to a brighter Singapore.

In line with this, Chingay 2023 with musical and theatrical elements seeks to excite with a visually captivating experience invoking the imagination, innovation, and creativity that empowers Singaporeans to overcome adversities and shape Singapore’s future together. To showcase this spirit of togetherness, eight local artists and 480 youth will co-create a larger-than-life art installation that will act as the parade’s performance backdrop. This large-scale art installation represents the aspirations of the community to use art to preserve our multicultural heritage in a creative and fun way while showcasing a young, unified, and collaborative community spirit.

Sam Lo, the artist behind the design concept of the large-scale art installation, said: “The design concept is a celebration of our new beginning and excitement for life as we embrace the unknown, emphasize the collective, and boldly leap into the future together as one. As the People’s Parade makes its long-awaited return to the streets in 2023, we will once again witness this unified spirit from individuals from all walks of life coming together, stronger.”

He added: “It has been an absolute honour working with and creating for Chingay, one of Singapore’s most iconic festivals with a rich multicultural history. I’ve learnt so much working with the team across many different mediums and am grateful to them for being open and receptive to my ideas. A lot of my heart has gone into this, and I’m excited!”

Chingay 2023 continues to engage the community in co-creation, providing residents with a platform to showcase their talents. For instance, the Chingay Community Star 2023 of We’ve Got Talent! (WGT) and winning dance groups of the D:2 (Dynamic: Diversity) Dance Competition 2023 will be performing in front of a live audience at the F1 Pit Building and Chingay@Heartlands. Up to fifteen groups comprising young talent aged five to 35 will compete in the Finals for the D:2 Dance Competition held on 11 December 2022.

Following the success of its inaugural launch in 2022, the Chingay Mini Floats programme, held in conjunction with PAssionArts, returns to engage the residents, grassroots organisations, and community partners to construct floats for Chingay 2023 with the aim to build expertise for future parades.

The celebrations will continue in the heartlands. Chingay@Heartlands will bring snippets of the main Parade – from big dazzling floats, selected mini community-created floats, and featured performances – to different residential estates for more residents to experience the Chingay Parade.

Ticket Sale

Tickets for Chingay 2023 Parade will be available for sale from 25 November at SISTIC. Those who would like to experience the best of the Chingay Parade with a spectacular large-scale art installation as the performance backdrop can opt for Sector A category tickets which range from $28.50 to $60.

A new tier of tickets has been introduced for Chingay 2023 Parade to make the Chingay experience even more accessible. Seats at Sectors B, C, and D, which sell at $20 each, provide an option for a close-up experience and interaction with performers and the floats. PAssion Card members will get to enjoy 20% off on all admission tickets.

For more and the latest information on Chingay 2023 Parade, visit here.

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