From a Tradition Chinese Medicine view, organs such as the spleen, stomach and kidney are viewed as the basis of good health (i.e. harmonized Qi, 气). A weakened spleen and stomach may affect the Qi flow of the body and slow down the nutritional absorption rate. A disharmonised spleen and stomach may also result in indigestion, abdominal distention, poor appetite, and loose stool.

Here are herbs that can help with indigestion and abdominal distention.

Chinese Herbs For A Bloated Stomach

Hawthorn (山楂): This herb is sweet and sour in flavour, slightly warm in nature, and acts on the spleen and stomach and liver channels. It relieves stagnated food, distention and fullness in the stomach and abdomen by acting on the stomach and spleen channels.

Roselle (洛神花): This flower herb is sour in flavour like sour plum. It aids in digestion and stomach function, relieving indigestion and distention.

Chinese Plum (乌梅): This fruit taste sweet with a sour tinge. It prevents constipation, increases appetite, has antioxidant properties and helps to eliminate fatigue.

Rose (玫瑰花): Sweet in fragrance, promotes blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and eases digestion. Relaxes the mind and helps to protect the liver.

Licorice (甘草): Sweet, slightly cold, acts on heart, lung and spleen channels; it is anti-inflammatory and has detoxification properties. Helps with digestion, soothes the throat and relieves coughs. Strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Radish (白萝卜): Enhance the immune system, improves digestion and helps in the absorption of nutrients.

Malt (麦芽): Sweet, bland; acts on the spleen, stomach and liver channels; help with loss of appetite, abdominal distention.

Osmanthus (桂花): Acts on lung, spleen and kidney meridians, reduce phlegm, reduces stasis, and helps with loss of appetite.

What To Eat Or Drink

What to drink for bloated stomach

  • 2-Rose-Apple

Clear heat and ease digestion; use as a tea brew.

Ingredients: Roselle (玫瑰花), rose (玫瑰花), apple without seed/core (苹果果肉)

In addition to indigestion or stomach distention from over-eating, adults who consume alcohol during the festive period can add chrysanthemum (野菊花), honey-suckle flower (金銀花), flower of kudzuvine (葛花), prunelle (夏枯草) to the above as tea brew drink to reduce the “heat and toxin” build up in the body.

  • Twin Carrot porridge

Helps to nourish the stomach and enhance the immune system. Eaten as porridge.

Ingredients: Carrot, radish (白萝卜) and rice.

  • Osmanthus Tea

Helps to ease indigestion; use as a tea brew.

Ingredients: Osmanthus (桂花), hawthorn (山楂), honey (蜂蜜)

  • Refreshing Tea

Promote Qi (气)circulation, ease bloated-ness and indigestion; use as a tea brew.

Ingredients: Roselle (玫瑰花), hawthorn (山楂), Chinese plum (乌梅), rose (玫瑰花), licorice (甘草)

  • Tangerine Drink

Ease digestion and enhance Qi flow via spleen and stomach; use as a tea brew.

Ingredients: Tangerine Peel (陈皮), licorice (甘草)

  • Malt Drink

Promotes digestion, especially with the digestion of starchy food; use as a tea brew.

Ingredients: Malt (麦芽), hawthorn (山楂), rock sugar (冰糖)

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This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-guide.

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