Care for Aged ParentsThere are many ways by which we can show our gratitude and love to our aged parents who brought us into this world and who guided us to become what we are today.

Without our parents, we could have not been enjoying our achievements and comfort that we have today. As parenting is endless so is our role as children. Our parents would tarnish with time. Their bodies weaken and their strengths would fade. Ageing is one of the best times when we, children, could show how much love and care we have for our parents.

Listed below are some ways on how our ageing parents could feel their importance as essential part of the family:

▪ Parents would always find ways to be heard. When disciplining our own children, do not blatantly show your aged parents that you neglect their opinions. Even if sometimes they would sound more authoritative than you, older parents still have the storage of golden experiences as their edge.

▪ Provide food which they could easily digest. The deterioration of the oral cavity would lead to difficulty in eating. Look for mashed potatoes or cereals which would be easy to digest and at the same time would provide the nutrients your parents needs.

▪ Engage in simple conversations. Ageing parents are usually at the verge of transferring their wisdom and sharing their special experiences in the past. Engaging in small talks with you could somehow help them fulfill their desire to relate what has been left untold inside them.

▪ Involve old parents in decisions that significantly call for their authority. Our parents may create the impression that they are burdens because they are already weak and incapable of earning. Having them involved in family activities and minor decisions in the house would give them a sense of worth.

▪ Give slightly heavy task which they could accomplish. For instance, your aged parents could actually do some crocheting and sewing of torn old clothes or any activity that is within their expertise.

▪ If your parents could still walk, you can stroll together in the park or in places that could unwind the tired spirit.

▪ Surprise them with a day when you can play their favorite classic music while asking the grandchildren to dance with them. Little things like this would mean a lot to a heart that desired nothing but the family’s good.

Indeed, taking care of aged parents is not the only way to show we love them. But the biggest reward that they could have maybe is the fact that they know how good we are as parents to our own children. Seeing us mold the family we have at present the same way they did in the past is a treasure compensating all their lives’ hard work and sacrifice.

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