The COVID-19 outbreak has been a trying time for everyone. Fear and anxiety about the pandemic can be overwhelming and cause families to experience a lot of unspoken stress and anxieties, further aggravated by prolonged periods of social isolation.

BraveheartSG Free Home Kits

Stand Up For SG recognises the need to address these challenges that can have a negative impact on family mental and social-emotional health. Hence, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, they have rolled out a series of free #BraveHeartSG home kits to empower parents to be ‘Bravehearts’ in leading their families through the pandemic.

These kits are designed to help families gain the social-emotional tools needed to improve their communications, strengthen their relationships and process their experiences and emotions during these uncertain times.

Activities in the toolkits are suitable for families with children aged 5 and above and provide a safe space for children to freely discuss their experiences and understand their emotions.

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These toolkits were developed by Wally Tham, co-founder of Stand Up For SG based on his experience from Organizational Development & ontological coaching, along with insights from psychologists, educators and coaches. They are targeted at strengthening the three domains of cognition, emotional awareness and managing tension.

BraveheartSG home kits

Week 2, Day 3 (Looking for the Introverts & Extroverts Out There)
Variety of activities and formats from colouring sheets to quizzes for parents to engage their children on a regular basis

BraveheartSG Activity SheetBraveheartSG Home Kit Activity Sheet

Week 2, Day 4 (Investigating A Perfect Day)

For instance, Wendy-Chua Sullivan, Founder of Wand Inspiration Network, who provided inputs during the initial conceptualisation of the home kits, affirmed that “The toolkits will help to pave opportunities for stronger relationships during these stressful times by giving parents ideas on how to better bond with their children. This period can be used as a time to learn to express our emotions healthily to one another, to empathise and appreciate one another more, so I definitely encourage families to try these toolkits out when possible.”

#BraveHeartSG will continue to release more toolkits for the larger community to help better manage grief, friendships and neighbour relationships in these challenging times.

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