We face stress and anxiety in our daily lives. However, during pregnancy, these two feelings are normally heightened, especially if the pregnant mother is working. Of course, support from immediate family members and the spouse could help in alleviating the level of anxiety. A lot of questions will start to arise, especially if for a first-time mother.

pregnant and stressed

These are a few general questions that they might find asking themselves:

Can I still eat oily, fried food and drink alcohol?

A person’s current health condition can affect his or her state of mind. Some women may be more health-conscious after finding out they are pregnant.

What will my friends or family think of me?

Women who are not prepared of having a baby may think about how their family or in-laws perceive them and accept them of their new responsibility. Some mothers would also worry about their older children’s views about the arrival of a new sibling.

Can husband and wife still go for dates?

Couples could be affected by the thought of future financial and social responsibilities once the baby is born. A new addition to the family would mean more expenses and a change in lifestyle.

Will my career be affected?

The modern professional woman may fear that pregnancy might hinder in her career development and success, as she will be away for maternity leave.

Will Stress Affect my Baby?

Excessive stress and anxiety are unhealthy for both you and your baby. Studies have shown that low birth weight and pre-term labor are due to high stress and anxiety. In addition, high level of stress causes increased heart rates, high blood pressure and chronic anxiety. It is important to constantly check on your emotional condition because it will affect your baby.

How do I Manage Stress?

Managing stress does not solely depend on the people around you. Here are some things you can control, to combat your stress and anxiety:

  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. You are what you eat. Your body undergoes a major physical transformation during pregnancy. Also, you are eating for two. Eat less healthy food in moderation, and think twice before munching on junk food.
  • Reducing chores. Refrain from doing too many household chores, especially during the first trimester. Try to reduce the chores and work which you used to do before you were pregnant. Discuss with your partner on how he can help you with the house chores or engage a temporary maid to help you.
  • Rest. As much as possible, never shortchange your beauty sleep. A short siesta and a good night’s sleep are important in helping to relax your body.
  • Exercise. Exercising helps to produce happy hormones known as endorphins in our body. Simple exercise such as taking a walk, doing yoga, or swimming, are a few some ways you can try to cope with your stress levels.
  • Talk to your partner or spouse. Keeping those feelings inside you will not do you or your loved ones around you any good. Communicating with your spouse or partner provides an outlet for you to share your thoughts, feelings and worries.

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