Parenting is a hard but rewarding task once you know how to cope with challenges during the first 30 days from giving birth. Parenting is an everyday journey – a new day is set to have a new kind of responsibility to deal with.

The new parents should know and anticipate challenges so that they will be able to overcome them. Here are some of the tips to triumph parenting problems during the first month:

Nursing Hints

1. Nursing mothers should seek the help of professionals and those who are lactation experts for advice on easy nursing. You can also ask friends who had some good nursing experience to share with you how they managed to deal with the problems.

2. Take advantage of hospital resources as you ask for nurses or lactation consultants to assist you during your first days of breastfeeding.

3. Avoid interruptions when feeding the baby by preparing yourself for every nursing moment. You can pee before starting out with the feeding and make sure you put everything you need on your side.

4. Use warm compress for engorged breasts or blocked ducts.

5. Use a cold pack for sore breasts after breastfeeding.

6. Introduce bottle feeding 6-8 weeks after breastfeeding to allow baby to adjust to feeding routines.

taking a rest while baby sleeps


7. Forget about being tired and sleepless as you bear in mind that the baby’s welfare is what matters most.

8. As parenting is a couple-work, you can take turns with your spouse in staying late for feeding and taking care of the baby during wee hours.

9. Sleep when the baby is in sweet slumber.

10. Never stop looking for ways to make the baby fall asleep.


11. Mimic the womb by swaddling, swinging and shushing to soothe infants.

12. Try some music magic as they not only theoretically make babies smarter but they also practically cam them.

13. Use warm wipes during the diaper change.

14. Apply some pampering tricks like a light tapping.

15. Speak to the baby during bath time.

Dad Roles

16. Allow husbands to get involved and forget about the fear of doing wrong and refrain from making criticisms.

17. Request for time off from work and leave your husband and your newborn for some time alone. This will give him the chance to take care of the baby through his own little ways.

18. Share responsibilities so each of you can have time for yourselves.

19. Let Dad and the baby do some fun things together.

tips for new mothers

Time Outs

20. Take the best advice as you ignore those which you think will not be best for you and your baby.

21. Breakaway from housework because you need to focus on the baby for the first few months of parenting. You can hire someone to do chores for you if your husband is busy with work.

22. Take advantage of little help from neighbours or friends like holding the baby while you take a shower.

23. Be honest with the kind of help you really need. Let the offered help be beneficial as it caters to what you really have to have for the moment.

24. When people offer help, make sure you hand down things which you find difficult to accomplish on your own. Help is supposed to ease you out of struggle and not to redirect you to harder tasks.

25. Take some time to breathe out stress as you leave the room for five minutes and saviour the world outside.

Viewing the World Together

26. Journey to a public place with your baby but make sure you have someone to assist you especially if it is your first time to go out.

27. In the absence of another person to back you up, avoid places that stimulate baby irritation. Opt for a library, a bookstore or a quiet park near you.

28. Don’t forget to pack your diaper bag as a contingency measure.

29. Bring an extra shirt for you because babies might soil your clothes with spillage or pee leakages.

30. Anticipate change of plans because anything might happen anywhere.

The first thirty days of parenting might seem so difficult but you will soon get through it. Take everything as a challenge to your parenting capabilities and remember how your own mother was able to make it before.

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