Japan may be known for its Sakura season, but there are other places to discover Cherry Blossom season too!

With the rise in demand for unique travel experiences during this year’s Sakura season, Klook offers a range of Cherry Blossom experiences to discover the beautiful sights beyond Japan.

Klook has curated a selection of breathtaking opportunities to witness the natural spectacle at unconventional locations, such as the Wuling Farm in Taiwan and the vibrant Jinhae festival day in South Korea.

This bespoke selection allows travellers to experience the highly-anticipated natural phenomenon in a distinctive and memorable way, away from the crowds in Japan.


For those looking to explore Taiwan

Cherry Blossom FestivalCherry Blossom Festival at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Taichung Taiwan

#1 Wuling Farm Day Tour
Earliest available date: 16 Dec 2019

Set in the far reaches of Taiwan’s backcountry, the farms display an overwhelming array of bloom at its peak as thousands of flowers populate the farms 700 hectares of land. The grounds at Wuling farm are conveniently accessible by a train ride and shuttle bus.

Kicking off the day with a stop at a quaint tea village, visitors are encouraged to enjoy a bus trip from at Luodong Train Station in Yilan to the farms, where stunning views and fresh air awaits.

#2 Cherry Blossom Festival: Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village Day Trip
Earliest available date: 16 Dec 2019

Set in one of Taiwan’s most popular theme parks, this immersive village trip is an insight into the Formosa Aboriginal culture. Travellers will be able to embark on a scenic cable car ride across vast landscapes peppered with the blooming beauty of cherry blossoms. Enjoy a unique bird’s eye view of the flowers, giving guests an unforgettable photography moment.


For those keen to explore South Korea

Cherry Blossom SeasonPink blossoms around the towns and countryside near Seoul

#3 Chasing Cherry Blossoms Tour
Earliest available date: NA

Primed for Cherry Blossom season, the English-speaking guides are geared to show visitors the best viewing spots of the day depending on where the most vibrant blooms are. Whether it’s an adventure to the mountainous province of Gangwon, an exploration of the ancient culture of Chungcheong, or an expedition to South Korea‘s most populated area of Gyeonggi-do. These neighboring regions of Seoul will exhibit valleys of bright blossoms on the sought-after season that will delight guests.

#4 2019 Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Day Tour from Busan
Earliest available date: NA

Venture to Jinhae for the awaited season, where a mountainous area covered in pine trees sets the backdrop for flower hopefuls to expect festive energy to imbue their viewing experience. The Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival began as a memorial to honor the great naval Admiral Yi Sun-sin before it became a day enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. From cultural shows and activities to spectacular military performances, the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of Jinhae’s landmark calendar events.

#5 Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival One Day Tour from Busan
Earliest available date: NA

Bidding farewell to the cold winter months, Gyeongju celebrates its blossom-lined streets with a display of South Korea’s finest food stalls, local delicacies and souvenirs. Taking advantage of the scenic turn, a joyful atmosphere takes over the town, with music, entertainment and arts and crafts abound.

Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, Gyeongju located about an hour by train from Busan, is a walk-through history. Sprawling with the legacy of the Silla Dynasty, one of South Korea’s Three Dynasties, Gyeongju sets an imperial context for the floral display.

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For those adamant on Japan’s season

Inuyama CastleInuyama Castle

#6 Inuyama Castle and Matcha Green Tea Experience at Urakuen Garden One Day Tour from Nagoya
Earliest available date: 20 Dec 2019

Deemed as a national treasure and sitting atop pristine landscapes as one of Japan’s oldest castles, the Inuyama Castle commemorates Japan’s monarchy past. Steeped in a privileged heritage, a walk through Urakuen Garden will educate guests on the rich history of Japan’s forthcoming against the blooming backdrop of an astounding display of nature’s most elegant.

#7 Arashiyama, Tenryuji Temple, Ninnaji Temple Kyoto Cherry Blossom Tour
Earliest available date: NA

Weaved through the vast temple grounds of Arashiyama, Kyoto is a dramatic performance of nature. Praising the flow of natural colors, Kyoto showcases multiple species of the Cherry Blossom, including the famous Yoshino cherry.

Cascading rows of the pink flowers are displayed through the gaps of the magnificent architecture of Tenryuji Temple, where guests can enjoy a peaceful and intimate walk around.

This article was contributed by Klook.

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