Daddy bloggers are fiercely sprouting onto the World Wide Web these days. In fact, they are almost as popular as mummy bloggers! Here are TNAP’s Top 5 local picks.

1. Daddy M, The Wacky Duo

The Wacky Duo TWD

Photo: Daddy M

The blog started back in 2006, and is written by Daddy M. We love their section of ‘Travel Tales’, where Daddy M shares the fun of travelling with his family. Daddy M also writes thorough, detailed reviews of all things family-friendly, from cars, events to children products. May we also add that cool dude ‘Big C’ and chubby ‘Little Lou’ are the cutest models ever? Don’t you think they look like Japanese boys?

Check out his posts: Letters to Sons (Daddy Talks) and Brother Love

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2. Andy Lee, Sengkang Babies

Daddy Blogger  Sengkang Babies

Photo: Andy Lee

A father of 4, Andy’s blogging journey started in 2009 when his daughter was born. Most of his blog entries encompass the daily lives of his children and the different phases of them growing up. Looking for interesting activities to attend or places to visit over the weekend? Andy’s blog is the place to go.

Check out his posts: Singapore’s Oldest Playgrounds and Talking About Love and Affection

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3. Kelvin Ang, Cheekie Monkies

Daddy Blogger Cheekie Monkie


Kelvin is a proud daddy of three cheeky monkies (what Kelvin calls his little ones). We love his recommendations when it comes to child-friendly places to go. With anecdotes and pictures of their mischievous moments, his three little cheeky monkies indeed live up to their name.

Check out his posts: 10 Great Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Singapore and 12 Places in Singapore to Bring your Children Before They Grow Up

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4. Edmund Tay, Ed Unloaded

Daddy Blogger EdUnloaded


Father of 3, Edmund is a pro-family activist and believes strongly in family bonding. His blog reflects his belief, in which he documents his pleasures and challenges of being a husband, a father and a friend to his wife and children. It is heartening to read through this blog as you’ll get to enter the world of a down-to-earth family of five. His eldest daughter, Nicole never fails to crack us up under his Must Read Posts.

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5. Lee Kin Mun, Mr Brown

Daddy Blogger Mr Brown

Photo: Mr Brown Personal Facebook Page

If you’ve been active online, then this blog probably needs no formal introduction. Mr Brown is a father of 3 and though he doesn’t blog often about parenting or his children. But when he does, it usually makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or leaves us in fits of laughter. From the weather to politics to increasing Bak Chor Mee prices, his blog includes a good mix of everyday real life issues. Coupled with his witty sense of humour and use of the lingo we Singaporeans understand best – Singlish, we can’t help but keep coming back for more. Don’t believe us? Go check it out yourself la!

Check out his posts: Thirteen, Never Lose Your Wonder and Sunday’s are fun days.

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