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Instant Solutions
Marking is instant! Geniebook shows the solution immediately after your child answers each question. So, if Ashton got the answer wrong, he will be able to see the correct solution with the question and mistakes he made still fresh in his head.”

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“No more rushing to bookstores to buy assessment books, or downloading and printing papers from the web, or photocopying other schools’ exam papers. Tick off the topics you want your child to practise, and Geniebook generates a worksheet in seconds!

geniebook learning tool

Rewards System
“For every worksheet completed, your child earns Bubbles, or reward points to redeem gifts. Ashton was initially reluctant to do the worksheets (‘cos “What? Extra homework!!!!”), but his eyes lit up when he saw the Google Play gift card.”

Give Your Child An Advantage For Exams
As the exams are fast approaching, knowing which topics your child needs to work on would make revision more efficient. Take a Complimentary Strengths Analysis to find out.

Complimentary Strengths Analysis

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  1. Assess your child with a 20-minute worksheet on your preferred subject.
  2. Identify your child’s strongest topics and pinpoint the ones that are challenging for them.
  3. Receive a learner’s report and our recommendations on the next step to help your child improve.

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