World Heart Day is on 29 September this year.

Higher prevalence of heart disease in Singapore

A recent study by the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) found that in Asia, Singaporeans face a greater risk of heart failure due to the increase in conditions like hypertension and diabetes. On average, Singaporean patients suffer heart failure around the age of 61 – that’s 10 years younger than Americans and Europeans.

Ways you can maintain a healthy heart

While it is certainly beneficial to load up on healthier ingredients, embracing healthier cooking methods can make a huge difference as well. Kitchen appliances have evolved to become more diet-friendly nowadays. For instance, the Bosch Series 8 Ovens defy the norms of conventional ovens, bringing you ease and multi-functionality with a variety of healthy cooking methods in one appliance – from steaming to baking.

chef john sawartoBosch Partner Chef John Sawarto has concocted a set of three recipes consisting of a thirst quencher, starter and main that injects heart-healthy elements into commonly-enjoyed delights. These dishes are easy to prepare and a joy to be savoured by your heart and appetite without losing out on flavour.

1. Banana Oat Smoothie

This delicious Banana Oat smoothie uses ingredients that help keep your appetite and your arteries in good shape. Click here for recipe details.

banana oat smoothie

2. Thai Green Mango Salad With Dried Shrimps

This vibrant Thai Green Mango Salad With Dried Shrimps is more than just a refreshing meal starter. Click here for recipe details.

thai green mango salad with dried shrimps

3. Steamed Fish In Lime & Lemongrass

Give this homely Steamed Fish In Lime & Lemongrass dish a try so you can share your heart-friendly regimen with the entire family. Click here for recipe details.

steamed fish in lime lemongrass

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