As a child develops, one of the most obvious traits of his development is his physical development. From lying on the bed to flipping over, to developing the grasp reflex to walking, a child’s progress can be tremendous in his early years.

physical development in toddler

During your child’s development, give him time to grow and mature. Do not rush him. As Lev Vygotsky believes, young children learn actively and through hands-on experiences. Allow your child to experience their body. Bring him out for activities. Engage him in meaningful experiences with you. As your child explores more about his surroundings, his curiosity about his body increases. He will start to wonder about what he can do with his body and begin to realize that he has the ability to do a lot of things – like running, skipping, jumping. Encourage him to do so, and do it with him.

As different children progress at different pace, it can sometimes be worrying if your child seems to lag behind. Do observe them over a period of time. However, if you do realize that your child is facing difficulties in performing certain tasks, it may be necessary to refer to your child’s pediatrician for referral so that a proper assessment can be done. This way, your child will be able to get the appropriate attention that he will need, which can help him in his development.

physical development in young children
In the meanwhile, enjoy your child’s physical development and all the times you have together, it could be one of the best ways to exercise! He will continuously refine his skills up till the age of 6, and by then, he will be learning to skip with a rope, and can even tie his own shoelaces. Your little baby would really have grown to be an independent child within the first six years of his life.


Note: Developmental milestones act as a guideline for parents and early childhood professionals to gauge children’s growth at different ages. These milestones should be followed with care, as they may vary according to each child’s culture, abilities and exposure. Children may sometimes take a longer time to reach certain milestones, as they require more time to refine their current skills. However, if a child seems to be lacking in several areas and parents do notice that the child is facing difficulties in several aspects, it may be beneficial if a pediatrician or professional’s advice is sought.

Written by Pei Lin

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