Finally, the long awaited holidays has arrived. After a year of hard work, you certainly deserve to have a good holiday with your child. But as a new year is starting, is your child ready for his first day of the new school term?

By preparing your child for his first day of the school year, you can help him succeed. As with so many events in our lives, the more prepared we are, the better the outcome.

Therefore, you can follow the following practical tips that can give your child a good start to the school year by preparing him well during the holidays.

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1. Learning Tools

Pick up school supplies before the first day of school. Most school book stores have lists of the supplies children are expected to have. Make sure your child’s inventory is equipped with all the necessary stuff.

2. Dress for Success

Take your child to try out the school uniform before the new school term. Let him take a look at himself in the mirror so that he is mentally prepared of his new self-image when he goes to school. Make you’re your child is feeling comfortable in the outfit. Wearing a comfortable outfit helps a child feel more at ease and ready to take on the challenge of a new year of learning.

3. Keep your child reading during the holiday

Reading is an essential skill for learning. Like all skills, reading is a perishable skill and takes time to nurture. Give your child plenty of practice time. Make sure your child’s study desk is filled with reading material. Make weekly visits to the library so your child can pick out fresh reading material. Set aside time each day for reading. To be a good role model, you can read together with your child too.

learning word for new school term

4. Learn a new word each day

A strong vocabulary foundation takes time to build. And a strong vocabulary is one of the prime indicators of success in school. The more words your child knows and feels comfortable using, the more likely it is that he will do well in school.

So put a new word on your family bulletin board or refrigerator each day. Encourage your child to check it up in the dictionary. Have everyone in the family use the word in a sentence at the dinner table and make the word a regular part of your conversation. Cultivate the right study habits.

5. Play Roles of Teacher & Student

To make learning more fun and interactive, you can play the role of the teacher and have your child play the role of student. Make sure your child knows about the class rules like raising his hand in order to ask a question, helping the teacher hand out papers, or how to be quiet when asked.

You may also want to explore any situations that your child is concerned about. What does he do if someone is mean to him? What should he do if the teacher asks him a question and he does not know the answer?

Once you know his concerns, give him possible solutions to the problem and then practice those solutions with role playing.

Adopt these five strategies during the holidays. They will better prepare your child for the new school term and impart confidence and solutions which will help him to succeed.

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