Do you want to give your kids a financial head start that enabling them to grow up as financially savvy adults? Do you want your kids to make better financial decisions than you in the future?

You can now teach children essential financial skills through a fun and interactive board game!


Money Junior, a Preschool Financial Literacy program, jointly developed by a team of certified NLP Practitioners, Money Coach and early childhood professionals. It has been tested, refined and localized to cater to preschoolers, aged 5 and above.

A great way for your family to bond and learn at the same time, this educational game helps children (and parents) to reflect on their money habitudes. The main elements of the this 2 – 4 players board game are Earn, Save, Bonus, Share and Spend. Children will have to make choices, such as deciding whether to save money, spend money or earn money.


What Money Junior Can Teach Your Child

The game aims to teach simple, consistent and organized ways to manage money, to inculcate the right values and good money habits in your child. For children, they learn how money can work for them, the differences between ‘wants and needs’ and get to exercise better financial decisions. Parents too can learn from the game, as they find out more about real-life money management techniques and how to be more competent in managing your child’s finances.

Empower your child to develop the right money habitudes with Money Junior!

Where can I buy Money Junior?

You can pre-order the board game here.

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Money Junior is brought to you by Jopez Academy

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