Cultivating the right study habits in your child is perhaps one of the most powerful gifts you can give your child to help him/her succeed in studies.

Effective study habits are nurtured and cultivated from young, and not a natural gift that children are born with.

right study habits

Helping to cultivate the right study habits will also boost the confidence massively in your child. Being aggressive with your child is not the right way to make him improve on studies.

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Here are 5 simple ways to do it.

#1 The first thing that you need to make your child understand is what can your child achieve by scoring good results. Because most children have no idea what they are studying for. Most are studying because they have no choice or because they want to please their parents.

You can give him examples of successful personalities and how they achieved their dreams. Understand what your child’s dreams are and work together in that direction.

#2 Make a nice study area for your child. Keep the place clean and the atmosphere serene. Make sure it is clear of distractions like television and toys. This will help your child concentrate better. It will be very helpful if you can put up some motivating quotations to motivate your child when he/she is discouraged.

I actually have a compilation of 50 powerful quotes which I get my students to paste them on their desk on a weekly basis. And it has encouraged them a lot.

#3 Take time to clarify any doubts that your child is facing. Look through your child’s textbook, so that you are also aware of the subjects and what the child is studying. If there is a need, engage a private tutor to help your child in his weaker subjects.

When your child sees that you are interested in their studies, it will help them improve fast. The key is to show sincerity and genuine concern, not a fierce attitude. If you always scare your child, he/she might not open up to you, and you will not know what the actual problem he/she is facing is.

#4 When your child is not studying, casually ask why. Get them to discuss the subjects and the doubts that they are facing. Help them to clarify those doubts and make it seem easier for your child rather than condemning him/her on not understanding simple things.

#5 Finally, do remember that every child has his/her own capacity. Don’t force your child to be seated in front of the books all the time. It is just forcing your child to do something that he doesn’t want to do. It has been proven to fail! And it will make your child dread studies more.

Give your child enough time and exposure so that the mind gets refreshed. Encourage him/her to take part in some light physical activities. It will help your child to study and absorb better.

Follow these 5 simple steps, and practise them constantly. They are proven ways to cultivate effective study habits and a strong interest in studies.

By Study Grandmaster.

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