Think of chicken and what comes to your mind? Is it your favourite fried chicken, chicken herbal soup or chicken rice? Chicken meat is widely consumed all over the world for its taste and its reasonable price. It is also a healthier choice compared to other white and red meats available in the market. A piece of lean breast meat is low in fats and calories but high in protein. Not to mention, the nutrients and vitamins it has too.

Kee Song Chickens reared in farms

However, there is much information available on the internet with regards to how chickens are raised for human consumption. Is the information true for all breeders? Let’s find out what are the myths and misconceptions about these chickens.

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Myth #1: All chickens are injected with hormones and antibiotics to make it grow faster, stronger and fatter

kee song chicken taking antibiotics

Some poultry farms use growth-promoting feed, to make the fowls grow at an alarming rate. Antibiotic is administered to the fowls to prevent them from falling sick. It’s frightening to know what goes into the chicken that we consume on a daily basis.

However, don’t be quick to turn vegan yet! Because not ALL farms used growth-promoting feeds nor antibiotics, one good example is Kee Song Group. They are a leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia that offers top-grade poultry products.

Chickens in Kee Song Farm are fed with Lactobacillus

Kee Song Group has ventured into innovative farming techniques to produce healthier poultry products by feeding these chickens with lactobacillus-infused feed. This means that these chicken are farmed without using antibiotics and growth hormones! These little chicken consume probiotics (similar to the lactobacillus drinks we consume like Yakult) to make them healthier!

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Myth #2: All chickens that are round and plump are likely pumped with water to make it big and fat

According to The Guardian (2013), “Frozen chicken breasts on sale in leading supermarkets are being pumped up with water and additives that make up nearly a fifth of the meat…” Now, are you worried that the chicken you are consuming is pumped up with water or additives to make it plump and round too?

The good news is that not ALL farms practice this questionable method of farming. Kee Song Group does not have this practice. In fact, after their collaboration with Otemchi Biotechnologies, a local firm that specializes in Lactobacillus Technology to culture their own lactobacillus feed technology, the chickens grow well and healthy. They do not have to inject antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, water and additives to make it look healthy and plump.

Kee Song Chicken Lactobacillus

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Myth #3: All chicken are caged and forced feed to make it grow

Have you heard how chickens are housed in an overcrowded cage with poor sanitization? And that these poor fowls are forced feed to make it grow bigger at a rapid rate? Due to the poor living conditions of the farm, chickens that are reared in these farms pose a risk of being infected with diseases.

On the contrary, you will be surprised when you walk into Kee Song Farms because the environment is DIFFERENT and definitely conducive for the chickens to grow and thrive! There are enough food, water and space for the chickens to move around.

Kee Song Farm little chicks

We know how stress affects people like you and me and how it can impact our health and overall well-being. This is the same for chickens too! A stressed chicken may have a weak appetite and poor immunity to fight diseases and illness. In Kee Song farms, Mozart’s music is being played to create a calm environment. Just like how classical music has a calming effect on us humans, it also has the ability to calm chickens too. That’s not all, even the little details such as the temperature of the environment and the lighting were specially adjusted to provide warmth and comfort to the chickens.

Well, don’t you feel more at ease knowing that the chickens in Kee Song Farms are not only more robust but they are living in a comfortable and clean environment? Now you know where you can purchase quality and healthy poultries, don’t you? Hop over to Kee Song’s online store to see the different chickens that are being sold.

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This post is sponsored by Kee Song Group.

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