Want to plan a memorable, fun and meaningful birthday bash for your little one? Ms. Sharmila Vijayan, Assistant Director of Education Services at SAFRA shares with us essential tips on organising a Birthday bash for your little ones.

Kidz Amaze Party

Q. Is it necessary to think of a theme for a birthday party?

It is always good to adopt a theme that the birthday child likes such as their favourite cartoons or niche interests for a special touch, but it is not absolutely necessary. The most important factor is fun.

Get the child involved in the planning of the party and find out what is fun to him or her. That way, you can tailor the type of games and activities to the interests and liking of the child. Some like mass games where they can play together with all their friends and family, while others prefer smaller pockets of activities where they can pair up with their best friends for some face painting or friendly inter-group competition.

Q. What are the must-haves for a fun birthday party?

For kids aged five to nine years old, the must-haves for an enjoyable party include:

  • Bright and colourful decorations to enliven the whole venue
  • Goodie bags with fun party props, a variety of candy and even some special surprises
  • Celebrative music and a host of fun filled games and activities
  • A uniquely designed birthday cake
  • Finger food and refreshing drinks
  • Lots of photo-taking to capture the great moments

Fun-filled games and activities are what keep the children entertained and excited. They love hitting piñatas. We have also seen some really hilarious ones such as this particular party where the kids were blindfolded for a food tasting guessing game. One of the items was wasabi and the kids went into a frenzy after tasting a bit of it.

Q. What are the important things parents should take note?

When it comes to kids, parents have to consider the safety and hygiene aspects of the programme and venue. Most kids will dash around in the heat of excitement during games so it will be wise to avoid venues with a lot of furniture with sharp edges or made of glass. They should also select a venue that is sufficiently large and spacious to accommodate the number of guests and the type of activities planned for the party.

Lets have a party!

It is also advisable to check whether any of your guests, especially the kids, have food allergies and steer clear of these items on your menu. If your guest list also includes parents or other adults, you’ll have to consider how they can also be entertained and be part of the activities so that they too will have a good time.

Finally, don’t get too dolled up. Something comfortable will do just fine. I recall one party where a kid dunked her mother’s face into the cake when they were blowing out the candles together. It was a hilarious moment!

Q. I want my child’s party to be meaningful as well. What can I do?

Families can also have fun at the Kidz Amaze playground as part of the birthday party package

It is always nice to showcase images or how the child has grown up over the years either through a video or photo slideshow. Funny and heart-warming family moments work best in both entertaining the kids and the other parents alike. Parents or the child’s siblings can also take the opportunity to give a short speech to share certain fond memories together and well wishes.

These questions were answered by Ms. Sharmila Vijayan, Assistant Director of Education Services at Kidz Amaze.

Ms. Sharmila Vijayan manages Kidz Amaze and has over 18 years of experience in early childhood sector. Kidz Amaze is an indoor playground that explores different means of facilitating the development and education of children through play. It hosts an average of 55 parties a month.

This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-magazine.

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