On the lookout for the fanciest, mouth-watering and cutest birthday cakes for kids in town? Cupcakes, 2D /3Dcakes, and Cake Pops, The New Age Parents went on a search for online and offline bakeries in Singapore.

Customised Cakes/ Cookies/ Cupcakes

monice bakes childrens princess birthday cakes

Monice Bakes is a Singapore online bakery where you can customise cookies and cupcakes for Gifts, Birthday parties, Baby showers, Weddings, Corporate functions and more.

Website: Monice Bakes
Tel: 98150022
Email: monice.bakes@gmail.com

Cake Pops / Cupcakes / Cakes

Website: Paisley & CREAM (www.paisleyandcream.com)
Tel: 9838 6978
Email: livingit@paisleyandcream.com

Website: Cak3 Box
Tel: 6459 0094
Email: cak3box@gmail.com

Cupcakes / Cakes

Website: The CakeShop
Tel: 9662 0303/ 6570 3033
Email: admin@thecakeshop.com.sg

thecakeshop - carebear

Website: Pulse Patisserie
Tel: 62620143
Email: IwantCake@eatpulse.co

Pulse Patisserie- Booboo-Dog

Website: cakequembouche.com
Tel: 8598 1072

Cakequembouche - logo cake

WebsiteCelebration Treats
Tel: 90621991
Email: celebrationtreats@gmail.com

Celebration Treats

Website: Cup Cakes Singapore
Tel: 8558 0364
Email: cupcessingapore@gmail.com

Cup Cakes Singapore

WebsiteLittle House Dreams
Tel: 6222 2972
Email: info@dreamsestablishment.com

Little House Dreams

Website: White Spatuala
Tel: 98800222
Email: whitespatulasg@gmail.com

White Spatuala

Website: Sweetestmoments
Tel: 6286 2553
Email: enquiries@sweetestmoments.com.sg


Website: Littercherry
Tel: 9857 9292/ 67422 822
Email: sales@cateringculture.com.sg


Website: Margaretcookies
Email: sales@margaretcookies.com

Margaret Cookies

Website: Cupcake Divinity
Email: cupcakedivinity@yahoo.com.sg

Cupcake Divinity

Website: Bakersbrewstudio
Email: enquiries@bakersbrewstudio.com


Website: The Frosted Chick
Tel: 6250 3613


Website: 51 Fiveone Degrees (www.fiveonedegrees.com)
Tel: 6526 9328

51 Fiveone Degrees

WebsiteFluff Bakery

Fluff Bakery

Website: www.naomikitchen.com
Tel: 9321 3688
Email: enjoy@naomikitchen.com / naomibakeshoppe@gmail.com

WebsiteA Little Cake Shoppe

Website: plainvanillabakery.com

WebsiteRiz Delights


Website: swirls.com.sg
Tel: 6634 4765
Email: order@swirls.com.sg


Website: Oni Cupcakes
Tel: 6557 0108
Email: contact.onicupcakes@gmail.com

Oni Cupcakes

Website: Lamb Cupcakery
Tel: 6509 8782
Email: info@lambcupcakery.com

Lamb Cupcakery

Website: www.jara-petit.com
Tel: 6338 9335
Email: info@jara-petit.com

Jara Petit

Website: bakerv.sg
Tel: 9227 3519 / 8233 1015
Email: bakervsg@gmail.com


Website: Friendsanddesserts
Email: friendsanddesserts@gmail.com


Website: www.cupcake-momma.net (Halal cupcakes)
Email: cupcakemomma@gmail.com

Hello kitty cupcake

WebsiteTwelve Cupcakes

Twelve Cupcakes



Website: cupcakes.com.sg
Email: eat@cupcakes.com.sg


Tel: 6363 3636
Email: order@ecreative.com.sg


Website: Smiling Orchid
Tel: 6468 4237
Email: bakery@smilingorchid.com


Website: Cake Inspiration
Tel: 9190 3668/ 6440 4023
Email: sales@cake-inspiration.com

Cake Inspiration

Website: Corineandcake (www.corineandcake.com)
Tel: 9385 8061
Email: hello@corineandcake.com


Website: www.ahanbakes.com
Tel: 9336 9437 (Whatsapp)
Email: august@ahanbakes.com


Website: Bloomsburybakers
Tel: 6299 3450
Email: orders@bloomsburybakers.com


Tel: 6444 2262
Email: order@royalcakes.com


WebsiteBake’s 13
Tel: 6440 6003
Email: sgbakers13@gmail.com

Baker's 13

Website: The Sesational Cakes
Tel: 9190 3668 ( 9am- 9pm daily )
Email: Scake88@Gmail.Com

The Sesational Cakes

Website: Sooperlicious
Tel: 9451 6966
Email: Iwantcake@Sooperlicious.Com


WebsitePine Garden
Email: enquiries@pgcake.com

Pine Garden



WebsiteCake Avenue
Tel: 6877 9008
Email: sales@cakeavenue.com

WebsiteUgly Cake Shop
Tel:  8228 8300

Do you know of other bakery shops that sell delectable children’s birthday cakes or cupcakes in Singapore? We will like to hear from you! Feel free to write in to us or leave your comments!

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