In our mummy blogger series, we find out what keeps these tech and social-media savvy mummies talking, or blogging!

June Yong, 34 years old, Corporate Communications Consultant

Mummy blogger mamawearpapashirt - June Yong

Married To: Victor, 34 years old, Wealth Advisor

Children: Vera, 5 years old, Javier, 3 years old, and Joshua (4 months old)


Blog was started in: Jan 2011

Hi June! Tell us your blog in a nutshell.

Parenting is a tough journey. A friend once said that God gave us children so that we’ll learn to grow up. I think it’s quite true. Mamawearpapashirt is about the love, beauty and grace that is found in our daily mess-ups and little parenting triumphs. I seek to inspire and encourage others through these everyday stories.

What’s the story behind the blog?

I was pregnant with Javier when I first started this blog. I was feeling a bit isolated and lonely as I was working full time and when I wasn’t at work, I was occupied with Vera or mundane household chores. I realised I wasn’t able to catch up with my close friends as much as I wanted to, and starting the blog was a fun and creative outlet for me to write (which I love doing) and to update friends about my pregnancy and life.

What gets you writing?

A funny incident, things the kids do or say, the mistakes we make in parenting (and the lessons learnt), lessons from a book or inspired by conversations with other people.

How much time do you spend online each day/week?

An hour a day, ish.

Share with us your favorite post and what it means to you.

Love stories: Where did you first fall in love

It was a linky post where people could link up with their own love stories. I enjoyed reading every single one of them and I had a good time reliving the moments of how my husband and I first met when I wrote the post.

Your most viral blog post to date?

30 Ways to Love Your Wife

What do your kids have to say about being the stars of your blog?

They don’t quite know about the blog (yet), but they are used to seeing themselves on the computer screen, and they always find something to laugh at.

If your child decides to follow your footsteps and blog for a living, or blog to earn that extra income in the future, what would you say to him or her?

I don’t blog for a living and whatever income comes through the blog is quite incidental. I would say go ahead if you have a clear sense of purpose and know exactly what you’re doing it for and for whom. That, to me, is more important than trying to figure out if you can earn money through the blog.

Do you read your past posts? How often do you do so? Any regrets or do you find yourself re-editing some of the posts?

I do read my past posts from time to time. I don’t have any regrets about writing those though reading them makes me go, wow I can totally remember going through that heartache or that experience. Sometimes I also laugh at what we went through. I think we’ve come some way now to be able to look back and do that.

June Yong and family

Future plans. What will happen to the blog when the kids grow up?

I think the blog will grow along with the kids. For instance, when they go to primary school, my focus may shift toward education and technology. But of course to protect their privacy, I will only share stories about them if my family is comfortable with me doing so. I will also continue to write about family-related matters, such as communication, conflict resolution, marriage tips, etc.

Tips for budding mummy bloggers out there?

Follow your heart. When you’re not afraid to show the world who you really are – that’s where people can connect with you and draw inspiration from you.

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