Pregnancy Heartburn
There are many ways why heartburns are prevalent in pregnant women. Ligaments which are responsible in keeping the Lower esophageal Sphincter or LES closed are softened due to increased levels of hormones during pregnancy. This causes the LES to relax while food and stomach acids reflux back to the esophagus and larynx. The growing of the baby inside the womb is also another factor because there is added pressure which causes the stomach contents to rise up the LES and the esophagus.

But the pregnant woman or anybody who is suffering from heartburn need not suffer to worst of it all the time. There are several ways to cure heartburn during pregnancy. The following sub points are deemed necessary in dealing with heartburn:

  1. Identify the types of food which trigger heartburn and make sure you scrap them off your diet. You might crave for something which induces the discomfort so need to take caution on what you indulge in.
  2. Take medicines. Drugstores have these milky medicines perfect in curing the discomfort. Make sure you have asked the pharmacist for something which is safe for the baby, too.
  3. Heartburn can be prevented as early as the first symptoms can be felt. Many pregnant women can help themselves out of heartburn if they know the basic principle of avoiding the temptations from coffee, cola and tea. Dairy products, potatoes acidic fruits and raw onions are also considered culprits to bringing on heartburn during pregnancy. You might as well remove them from your daily food intake.
  4. Don’t eat big meals. Find it a habit to divide meals into smaller dosages than having two huge meals a day.
  5. Never rush your meals. Chew your food thoroughly and take time to eat at a normal pace.
  6. Drink water regularly especially in between meals.

Pregnancy is a rewarding journey for the would-be mother. The presence of heartburn will add up to the pains and uneasiness due to body transformations that is why the pregnant woman should find means to relieve herself from it. Discipline and awareness is the pregnant woman’s ally in fighting heartburn.

Do you suffer from pregnancy heartburn? How do you deal with it? We welcome you to share with us your comments.

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