formula milk for babiesQuestion: What brand of formula milk is the best for newborns other than breast milk?

Answer: All brands of formula milk aim to be as close as breast milk. There is a lot of research into infant formulas and this has resulted in a lot of additives being included e.g DHA, AA, choline, taurine, probiotics, prebiotics etc. Each baby’s digestive tract is unique and may not adapt to certain brands, not because the nutritional effect is inferior. For example, different brands use different fat blends and the same formula may be okay for some babies but cause diarrhoea or constipation in others.

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The general trend now for milk companies is to work towards lesser but better quality protein in their formulas as high protein content is linked to undesirable metabolic effects at an older age. It is a plus if there are other additives in the formula but the difference it make in intelligence and vision is not large, especially if the baby is properly weaned at the appropriate time.

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