Health is always an indispensable wealth. The best reward parents could give themselves is to know that their kids are healthy and vigorous.

One of the most effective ways to achieve good health for children is through boosting their immune system the natural way. Fitness is everybody’s desire and parents can help their children achieve this early on by following the 7 guidelines below on natural immunity boosters:

#1 Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding e-guide for mothers

The mother’s milk is complete with vitamins and nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the baby. It contains immunity enhancing anti-bodies that guard your children against allergies, pneumonia, ear infections, meningitis, and sudden infant death syndrome. Babies are recommended to be breastfed for 12 months after birth.

#2 Serve Natural Foods

fruits and vegetables

Serve them natural foods like fruits and vegetables which contain phytonutrients that fight infection and block viruses. Cancer and heart diseases during adulthood can be fought through the essential substances found in fruits and greens.

#3 Regulate Sleeping Time

taking a rest while baby sleeps

It is during sleep that the body works. Sleep deprivation among children makes them susceptible to diseases because natural killer cells in the body are reduced. Parents should remember the need for infants to take in 18 hours of sleep every day.

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#4 Practise Drinking Water

getting children to drink water

Drinking water is not only for thirst-quenching. Water is important in regulating body functions such that it becomes energized because it acts as a medium in polishing the natural flow of nutrients from one body part to another. Experts claim that water is very effective in maintaining body mass index thus working to keep us nourished.

#5 Let Your Child Play

playing to boost immunity in kids

Playing develops most body parts which are not exercised in ordinary lifestyle activities like eating, going to school or bathing. When a child plays, it is not only the physical aspect which is developed but also emotional and mental quotient. Let the child run and jump around with the beauty of the world under the bright sun or the subtle rainfall.

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#6 Give Them Yogurt

homemade yoghurt

Probiotics in foods such as yogurt contain good bacteria that help maintain the equilibrium in the stomach against disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

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#7 Laughter

Happy kids flying balloons

A dose of laughter a day is worth a thousand over the counter medications. When a person laughs, the level of infection-fighting T cells is increased. Moreover, laughter is an activity that releases endorphins known as the body’s natural painkillers.

Let your child grow healthy and fit as you opt for the best natural immunity boosters for enhancing their immune system. Live life naturally and end up saving more of your hard-earned money and enjoying most of your quality time with your healthy children.

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