Having a partner does not always mean a good time. The individual differences between two people may direct them to unwanted misunderstandings and detrimental fights if not handled wisely. Although couples may have loved each other for a long time, battles of ideas and preferences may bring forth quarrel and rough moments. It is wise for couples to take some precautionary measures when a fight is about to begin.

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There are many issues that bring about the conflict between couples. Money problems, career choices, priorities and attitude differences are just a few of the many reasons why couples fight. Here are certain unfavourable situations and some tips to handle them:

#1 Money Fights

Couples fight about money issues because they may have difficulty trusting each other. One may not be responsible enough so that the other seeks to take charge. They may have different ways of valuing money. Couples need to communicate their concerns and create a strategic plan for the family budget. Merging of finances in a joint account is advisable for married couples only. Couples should also be together in both times of sacrifice and privileges.

#2 Allocation of Household Chores

Although wives have traditionally been expected to manage the entire home, these times of equality means a fair division of household chores between the couple is necessary. Make a plan and follow it. Instead of thinking how to take advantage of the other, focus on how to help ease the burden of chores for your partner.

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#3 Sexual Conflicts

The couple’s differences in activities they engage in everyday may result in discrepancies in sex preferences like frequency and duration. Couples should extend intense understanding of their partner’s condition before allowing themselves to feel deprived or unwanted. The partner who fails to devote enough time for sexual activities with the other should find time to make up in return.

#4 Kids

Couples also fight over how to manage their children. Disciplining children becomes an issue when one is more lenient than the other. Couples should learn to compromise personal ideas for the benefit of their children. They should implement rules beneficial for the kids and not for their own authorities.

Couple Fight

#5 Varied Expectations

Your partner may have viewed you extremely different from the way you actually are. Before getting into serious arguments, it pays to lay down your cards; tell your partner straight about what you can and cannot do. Change is not beneficial if done by force. Never try to change someone according to what you want.

Like any other conflict, couple fights are best resolved when they communicate with each other. A quality time together to open up will heal pains and will push for a better understanding of each others’ needs.

How do you deal with the differences with your partner? Do you have some good pointers for other mothers? Feel free to comment us. Thank you.

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