Nature is an excellent teacher and a powerful tool. She teaches young learners the power of observation. As the landscape is often silent and still, the learner is able to create with minimal distraction. There is something about being in the outdoors which inspires everyone to create and every piece created is beauty. Being outdoor calms the mind and provide assurance to each line drawn.

Nature and landscape is a strong reference point to extend the dot, the straight line, the angle, the curve and the circle, also known as the five basis element of shapes. The charcoal line drawings by Lioneas Sum demonstrates all five elements. At the same time, the drawing explains the following

  1. Repetition: the palm trees, the leaves, the tree bark.
  2. Direction of line: the position of the leaves, the curve of the tree truck
  3. Scale: the height of the tree/ the foreground and the size of the bush/ the background
  4. Distance: space between each tree and space between object at the foreground to objects located in the background.

The exercise is also a good opportunity to practice on lines. To build the confidence of the learner by not providing an eraser that is easily available a hand. It will take time for the learner to be comfortable for not being able to erase and to draw from what he sees, there is no right or wrong.

Contributed by Teacher Ranae’s Art Workshop

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