Travelling to your favourite beach destination this holiday season?

Get creative with these tips from GoPro for capturing the best moments on your vacation.

#1. Snap Above or Below Water

How to take good pictures underwater

A good under-over shot is composed of a strong underwater scene, a water line across the frame and a strong topside scene. Snap a shot mid-action to add life to your photo!

Choose a sunny day but don’t shoot into the sun – If possible keep your back to the sun as this will make the photos brighter and the colours more vivid.

Waterproof up to a depth of 10m, the GoPro HERO6 Black and GoPro HERO7 allow you to take under-over shots.

If the waves are rough, set your GoPro to “Time-Lapse Photo” mode and select the .5 seconds setting which enables your GoPro to take a photo every half second. This way you can be sure to capture a great photo with a nice water line.

With the GoPro half submerged in water, water may obstruct your view of the screen. For greater control over the shot angle, you can also pair your camera with the GoPro App on your mobile for easy viewing of the shot angle, allowing you to see how your shot will turn out!

#2. Interact with cute animals

how to take pictures with animals

With versatile GoPro accessories like the 3-Way that can be used in three main ways – as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod, capture the natural reactions of animals you meet on your trip subtly without frightening them.

Animals can be unpredictable and you don’t want to miss any spontaneous action. Set your camera to time-lapse to ensure you have a selection of pictures. You can also use a series of time-lapse shots to make a gif of your favorite reactions from these animals.

Bringing your pet dog along with you on your vacation? Mount your dog with the GoPro Fetch dog harness and set your GoPro to record with its HyperSmooth on for an incredibly smooth video of the world from your dog’s perspective.

#3. Use TimeWarp to apply a ‘magic-carpet-ride’ effect to your videos

Planning on a scenic drive along the coastline or an ocean dive this holiday? Capture super stabilised time lapse videos of your experience with GoPro HERO7 Black’s TimeWarp feature for easy sharing with friends and family!

#4. Play with perspective

how to take perspective pictures

While you can get amazing photos with traditional front-view shots, don’t be afraid to get creative with your angles and perspective.

Change up your angle to give you a brand new shot or use the moving point-of-view (POV) of the camera to change the whole feel of the photograph.

Dig a small hole in the sand or dirt and place your GoPro in. This reverses the fisheye effect and can be really fun! Turn on SuperPhoto in your GoPro HERO7 for professional-looking photos via automatically applied HDR, Local Tone Mapping and Multi-Frame Noise Reduction.

You can also mount your GoPro on a Chesty to get a new distinct perspective of yourself playing by the beach.

#5. Capturing kids in action

Capturing kids in action

If you are travelling with your kids, try this fun way of lifting your kids into the air and have someone capture the moment, or mount your GoPro on a GoPro Head Strap for this point-of-view shot.

#6. Livestream your adventures

how to live stream

Show your friends and family your holiday adventures live through GoPro HERO7 Black’s Live Streaming capabilities! Simply pair your GoPro with the GoPro App, select your settings and hit the Go Live button to start sharing in real-time on Facebook and YouTube.

Frame your shots carefully – an upside down GoPro means an upside down live stream.

Don’t forget to share your fun stories through the #GoProMYSG and @GoProMYSG on Instagram. For more information, visit

GoPro and all accessories are available on Shopee and official retailers.

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