Kids Gallery presents DaBox

DaBox was born out of a vision to provide hands-on fun and a channel for self-expression for every child. Each themed box contains activity booklets that include step-by-step craft instructions and games, and all the materials needed to complete the crafts. It also comes with a surprise goodie! This Photography edition is Kids’ Gallery inaugural box theme. In the box, there is a waterproof camera (with film provided), a cardboard camera, a photo frame and a scrapbook with decorative materials. There are also two instruction manuals with cute illustrations and simple step by step instructions to guide your child to the activities in DaBox.

With so many fun things to do in one box (even with just the box alone, you can do a craft activity with your child), DaBox is the one stop activity box for your kids to explore new crafts. Now, parents need not fret over what activities to plan for their kids. With a box that offers both fun and convenience, kids can now engage in these specially prepared activities to explore crafting and nurture creativity.

Watch your child create, snap and journal his or her photos! Plus, they will get to meet and befriend DaBox friendly mascot, Gooey.

Gooey DaBoxWho is Gooey?
As someone with a vivid and bright imagination, Gooey is very creative. He is always excited to create things! As sticky as he is, he holds on the things he loves dearly: his family, his fellow craft materials, and his newfound friend – you!

What you can find in DaBox:

  • Two instruction manuals
  • Coloured paper (scrapbook)Waterproof camera and film in DaBox
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard camera
  • Cardboard picture frame
  • Straw, cork, ribbon, nail, bolt, sequins and buttons
  • White Glue
  • Waterproof 35mm camera
  • One roll of Fuji Film

How much: S$49.90

What's in DaBox

A Big Box For Happy Kids
Eileen Yeo, Executive Director of Kids’ Gallery Singapore and one of the creators of DaBox, speaks of her brainchild, “DaBox was created with happy kids in mind. We want kids to know DaBox as ‘The Box’ (‘da’ is slang for ‘the’) of fun, a ‘大(big) Box’ of crafts and a ‘Developing Arts Box’. We hope this craft box will bring fun and laughter to children through the arts.”

Kids’ Gallery would love to see your awesome craft-making skills! All you have to do is to take a picture of your completed craft and post it on their Facebook page at