If there’s one win or lose approach to a relationship, it’s arguing. Couples argue for a lot of reasons. Arguments could either make or break a relationship.

If couples are able to resolve conflicts, their bond becomes tighter and sweeter. But the prevalence of misunderstanding could also cause the relationship to fall.

couple conflicts

In this case, it is important for couples to know what to expect in a relationship and to anticipate what might bother them in the long run so they could prepare for any predicaments.

Knowing the Top 8 Couple Conflicts listed below could give couples an idea of what might ruin their relationship. This way, they could make arrangements on how to settle beforehand:

1. Money

money wealth management

This makes the world go round but should not rule any relationship. Resentments emanate when one is not working and the other is struggling hard to earn. Dues and bills are origins of conflicts. Financial woes like car amortizations and children’s education should be talked about.

2. Unresolved Concerns

Problems need not stay overnight. The partner at-fault should be willing enough to say sorry and the other should be open to understanding. If issues are not resolved and pains are kept within, chancres of bigger problems to build up are huge.

3. House work

The division of chores should be clear. Simple things could brew up an argument like leaving the toilet seat open or just feeding your pet dog. Couples should clearly state between them their responsibilities in keeping their house a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy place to live in.

4. Children

Disciplining or raising children could be a cause of the fight. Incoherent standards of parents could mean a difference in implanting house rules. Couples should be able to synchronize their principles when it comes to raising their children and disciplining them.

5. Boredom

When things go on smoothly all the time and no hassles are on the way, boredom arises. Try to induce surprises and new things to agitate the home.

6. Friends

Relationships with friends could ruin the couple. Set limits to what friends should know and should deal with. Let friends have boundaries in your home and even in your life as a couple.

7. Career

back to work after maternity

Professional couples especially those with different interests find their jobs somehow detrimental to their relationship. The requisites of the job could affect the family. Set your priority. Try not to succeed at the expense of your family.

8. Mistrust

Doubts can be dangerous. Clear out your minds of ill thoughts and make sure you stay faithful to your spouse.

Relationships are hard to build. Never let these problems erode what you have created with love and affection. Once you get into couple conflicts, find the safest solution to clear them out as soon as you can.

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