Singapore’s favourite childhood rainbow ice cream brand, Paddle Pop, delved into the hearts of Singapore families to uncover secrets behind children’s snacking behaviour.

Committed to being more nutritionally responsible, Paddle Pop commissioned Nielsen Singapore to conduct a study with 257 mothers and 237 children aged between 8 – 12, to better understand the snacking habits of kids in Singapore and parents’ perception of their kids’ snacking habits.

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Children's snacking behaviour Infographic 2015

More can be done to educate parents and kids on responsible snacking

When asked which statement best describes “responsible snacking”, on average 33% of mothers agreed strongly that responsible snacking involves replacing certain snacks with healthier options, striking the right balance between taste and health, consuming snacks in smaller portions and letting kids have fun while eating the snack. This indicates that more can be done to educate both parents and kids on what responsible snacking is.

Amongst the other survey findings, ice cream came in fifth in the top list of snacks among the kids respondents, consuming an average of 3 – 4 times a week. Although 31% of mothers agreed that ice cream is a somewhat less or much less healthy snack than other snack options, 75% agreed[1] that they see ice cream as a fun alternative and kids enjoy them more compared to other snacks.

Paddle Pop’s commitment to nutritionally responsible snacking

As a part of Paddle Pop’s commitment to being more nutritionally responsible and in line with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, Paddle Pop has completed reformulation of its product range since 2014 by setting nutritional limits to its ice creams whilst combining fun tastes, textures and shapes.

Through these changes, ice creams such as the all-time favourite Paddle Pop Rainbow, Paddle Pop Tornado Grape and the newly launched Dragon Pop all carry the Healthier Choice Symbol.

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Paddle Pop has also created a Fun Food Meter (see below) – a fun and visually representative snacking chart, to compare popular local snacks in relation to ice creams and to illustrate to parents and kids the different kinds of fun and active activities which kids should engage in to expend the calories consumed from snacking.

Paddle Pop Fun Food Meter[Click here for a bigger view]

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