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Math is one of the most important subjects for children to master in school, and the Singapore curriculum is well-known for its challenging problem sums. Many parents may be wondering, what can I do to ensure my child does well in Math?

Learning Math does not have to be difficult. At VISPARK, our Singapore Math Advanced Program for K2 to P4 helps your child to develop math skills while having fun!


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Engaging and interactive classes

Unlike the traditional style of teaching, VISPARK’s online lessons have visually-pleasing and engaging content. Your child can look forward to games and colourful animations that bring across Math concepts!

Our courseware blends technology and interactive content to create a learning experience tailored to suit the younger generation. With Math lessons now made more fun and engaging, your child can cultivate a genuine interest in Math.

VISPARK Singapore Math

Specially designed curriculum aligned with MOE syllabus

Our curriculum closely follows the Singapore MOE syllabus, so your child is able to apply all the lessons learnt from our programs in school and homework. Backed by research, our in-house program materials are specially designed to impart problem-solving heuristics and maximise learning. Your child will be exposed to a variety of topics and challenging questions to give them a head start as compared to other peers in their cohort.

Small class size

Every child is unique, each with their own strengths and learning styles! We recognise each child’s distinctive character, and all our programs feature small class sizes to ensure that your child gets the attention they need. Learning is personalised in our programs to ensure that every child can learn at their own pace.

Highly experienced teachers & real-time feedback

Dedicated and professional, our teachers are committed to inspire and engage your child. All our teachers are professionally certified and meticulously trained. With their wealth of experience, you can be rest assured that our friendly teachers are here to nurture your child and create an immersive environment for them to learn best.

VISPARK online lessons

During our live online lessons, your child can also expect to receive real-time feedback for step-by-step guidance through complex problem sums. Plus, tracking your child’s progress is now made hassle-free through personalised reports and playback sessions!

Boost your child’s confidence and stretch their potential with VISPARK’s Singapore Math Advanced Program! Sign up for a free trial class (worth $30) today.


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