In today’s fast-paced world, the demands on working parents have never been greater. The delicate balancing act of managing careers while ensuring the well-being and development of their children has become a high-wire challenge for many families.

As dual-income households become the norm, the need for after-school care services has grown exponentially. To shed light on this evolving landscape and underscore the increasing importance of structured, secure, and enriching after-school care environments for families, we turn to Ms. Lynette Chua, Head of Business Development at Julia Gabriel Education and Thrive After-school Sanctuary.

Ms Lynette Chua Julia Gabriel Education Thrive After-school SanctuaryPhoto Credit: Ms Lynette Chua, Head of Business Development at Julia Gabriel Education and Thrive After-school Sanctuary

Join us as she offers invaluable insights into the dynamic world of after-school care services, with a particular focus on Thrive After-school Sanctuary’s unique approach. Expect useful tips for parents considering enrolling their children in after-school care services. Find the perfect balance between academics and holistic development for your child as you contemplate a switch from your current after-school care provider.

The Evolving Importance of After-School Care Services

“After-school care services have come a long way,” began Lynette. “They have shifted from solely being a safe space for children until their parents arrive. Now, it’s all about giving children a holistic experience.”

Lynette highlighted the growing importance of these services, especially for working parents. “Through programmes that offer activities promoting physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, after-school care services have moved beyond just supervision to actual enrichment.

Thrive After-school SanctuaryPhoto Credit: Julia Gabriel Education

The changing dynamics of the workforce and evolving parenting paradigms have heralded a new age of after-school care services. With both parents often caught up in demanding job schedules, these services offer a dependable environment, letting parents focus on their work without the constant worry about their child’s well-being.”

She further emphasized the benefits even when parents have help at home. “In these environments, children are introduced to structured time for various activities, enabling them to maximize their day. Interacting with peers from different backgrounds builds their social skills and helps them navigate relationships. Additionally, after-school care educators, often trained in academic support, ensure children receive proper assistance, complementing the support parents provide at home.”

Meeting Holistic Development Needs

As parents’ expectations and children’s needs continue to evolve, after-school care services have adapted to offer a well-rounded educational approach. “At the heart of this evolution are the educators,” Lynette added. “In this shifting landscape, they offer personalised support, cultivate a positive atmosphere, and ensure that the after-school experience aligns with the evolving needs of both children and parents.”

Lynette also noted the influx of new players in the sector. “With more centres sprouting up in various places, geographical convenience has become a significant advantage for parents. This diverse landscape allows parents to cherry-pick services that best match their child’s interests.”

Thrive After-School Sanctuary’s Unique Approach

When asked about Thrive After-school Sanctuary’s offerings, Lynette proudly explained, “We’ve combined the best of Julia Gabriel Education’s language programmes with over thirty years of experience in childcare to create a premium student care facility.”

Thrive After-school Sanctuary Julia Gabriel EducationPhoto Credit: Julia Gabriel Education

Lynette detailed the Sanctuary’s Speech Communication Arts programme, their Mandarin programme, and their Mindful Moments Programme. These curations are not only geared towards academic excellence but also towards shaping children to be confident communicators, mindful individuals, and active participants in the world around them.

Julia Gabriel Education and Thrive After-school Sanctuary stand out with their unique EduDrama® approach. “Developed by our founder, Julia Gabriel, EduDrama® combines drama with learning to achieve planned educational outcomes. Within this positive and enjoyable environment, our educators cultivate children’s growth as lifelong learners,” Lynette elucidated.

Choosing the Right After-School Care

For parents on the lookout for after-school care services, Lynette recommended starting the search even before the school year kicks off. “Being proactive provides parents the time to secure the best fit for their child.”

She suggested parents consider three key parameters: logistics, the programmes offered, and the environment. “Beyond just the offerings, it’s crucial that children are placed in an environment where they can thrive.”

Lynette highlighted Thrive’s enriched curriculum, from language and literacy programmes to sports and mathematics. “Our Think N’ Ink Programme, for instance, inculcates a love for writing and reading. Our Mathematics Programme strengthens the foundational concepts vital for primary school success.”

Thrive After-school Sanctuary interiorPhoto Credit: Julia Gabriel Education

Discussing the Mindful Moments Programme, she emphasized its role in preparing children for the transitions to primary school. “It equips them with essential skills to navigate our busy world, understand and manage their emotions, and interact more productively with their peers and teachers.”

Navigating the Future: The Holistic Impact of After-School Care Services

After-school care services, as outlined by Lynette Chua, have undergone a profound transformation over the years, shifting from mere supervision to holistic child development environments. Parents today, blessed with an array of options, are now more informed and selective in their choices. They seek not just convenience, but also a well-rounded, enriching, and personalized experience for their children. Thrive After-school Sanctuary stands as a testament to this evolving landscape, providing a unique blend of academic support and developmental activities that harness the best of educational philosophies like EduDrama®.

Lynette’s insights reveal the profound impact of these services on a child’s overall development, preparing them not just academically, but also emotionally, socially, and physically for the world ahead. The depth of programmes like the Speech Communication Arts and the Mindful Moments Programme emphasizes the importance of equipping children with tools to navigate the world confidently. As parents ponder the myriad of after-school care options available, it’s essential to consider the holistic well-being of their child. In doing so, they can ensure a brighter, more resilient, and well-rounded future for them.

Interviewed by Joanne Heng.

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