Spacious and with a well-equipped learning environment, Learning Vision @ Alpha is located within Science Park II, one of Asia’s most prestigious research, development and technology districts. The centre not only provides preschool services; it also has an infant care program, catering to infants from 2 months old. Welcomed warmly by the centre’s senior principal Fatimah, and Aneza, the curriculum specialist, we took a tour around the centre and were impressed with the decor. One can tell that children’s works here are highly valued as the walls and shelves adorned with the children’s artwork.

Learning Vision @ The Alpha

Holistic Learning

While bringing me around, Fatimah and Aneza shared with me the centre’s philosophy and vision. “We strongly believe in hands-on learning. We take on a holistic approach where children have opportunities to explore on their own.” Aneza mentioned that the K1 and K2 children do not have spelling tests.

We encourage children to do their own writing. In the preschool years, children go through a phase known as ‘invented spelling’. Rather than immediately marking them down and telling them it is wrong, we guide them by providing other learning cues such as providing a print-rich environment. By doing this, we feel that children will be more daring to make mistakes and attempt to spell on their own, rather than learning it through the route way which is based on pure memorisation.” Besides having the children’s writing and drawings proudly displayed on the classroom walls, each class has a library corner well stocked with Mandarin and English books.

Learning Vision Parents Day

Parents’ Day

Besides having their annual parent’s tea session and festive celebrations where parents are invited, Learning Vision @ Alpha recently organized Parents’ Day in March, where they showcased all the children’s artwork, and focused on the skills the children learnt during the process. The theme was on recycled materials where each class created masterpieces using daily materials such as egg trays, plastic bottles and tissue boxes. It was amazing to see what the children could create. Fatimah quipped, “We had such overwhelming response that we had to extend our exhibition for one more week. Seeing all the work and effort put in by our children and teachers, I felt so proud of them.

Parenting Talks

In addition to the events above, Fatimah is now working closely with Fei Yue Community Centre to organize a series of parenting talks. Each talk will be targeted at different age groups, so parents from each class level will have an opportunity to attend a talk. With topics ranging from “Preparing for Primary 1” and “Effective Discipline Strategies“, these talks are value adds that Learning Vision provides for their parents.

Experienced Staff

Most of the teachers here have been with Learning Vision for at least 10 years; something rare in the Early Childhood field where staff turnover is high. Fatimah herself has 15 years of experience in early childhood education, of which she spent 12 years with Learning Vision. Aneza, the centre’s Curriculum Specialist, has at least 10 years of working experience with Learning Vision.

Besides the close parent partnership, experienced staff, spacious premise and abundant resources available for children, there is also a sense of warmth and friendliness in the centre. While bringing me around, Fatimah knew all the teachers’ names by heart and even remembered who the new teachers were. As she took me around the classes, she greeted all the teachers in the classroom and introduced me to each and every one of them.

Learning Vision @ Alpha is indeed the place where learning is a joyful experience!

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