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It was a Sunday afternoon. I told the kids that we are going for a Korean styled photo shoot and they will be dressed up as prince and princess. My daughter, being a girl, was excited about it while my son was nonchalant.

Our appointment was fixed at 3pm (supposedly one of the good time to catch the natural sunlight), which is the focus and the tactic use by BabyU StudioThe First Korean Concept Photo Studio in Singapore. I was keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the children will “co-operate” as 3pm was supposed to be their nap time. I certainly do not want the kids to look grumpy and tired.

Ashton BabyU Korean StudioWhen we reached the studio, Brad and the photographer gave us a really warm welcome.  The photography session did not start immediately.  Brad made friends with the Ashton and Ashlyn. He talked to them, showed them toys and gave them sweets to get them comfortable with him.

I guessed being a father of 2 young kids made him extremely good at handling children. It didn’t take too long before the children were totally at ease with him.

He chose 2 sets of clothes each for Ashton and Ashlyn from wardrobe filled with costumes of all 4 seasons. I fell in love with the range of beautiful costumes imported from USA and Australia. Impressive!

Brad chose a set of winter costume in white for Ashton and asked if he wanted to celebrate Christmas and play in the snow. He agreed spontaneously. As for Ashlyn, he chose a blue toga dress for her.

The photography session started after the kids were all changed and prepared. What surprised me was most was that the photography session do not feel like a photography session for the kids. It was more like play time to them. They were not even aware that pictures were being taken. There will be a photographer playing with them while another hide at a corner to capture the most candid yet beautiful angle of the child.

AshtonAshton truly enjoyed himself playing with Brad. As for Ashlyn, being very “sticky” to me, she began to cry when I left her to stand at a distance to watch. Brad and Ashton (brother) managed to make her smile with Brad carrying Ashton and pretending to be superman flying to her. :)

Brad was all sweaty after the whole photography session with the 2 little ones. We waited for about 20 minutes before being able to see all the pictures taken. I was worried that Ashlyn might not look pretty in the photos because she has being crying and her eyes might look watery. Brad assured me that if they could not catch good shots of the child, the child can come back for a re-shoot without paying extra. Phew! What a relief!

Surprising, Ashlyn looked just as nice when we get to see the photos. We had a hard time choosing the photos and then the photo frames because they all looked so great.

At the end of the session, my husband was impressed not only with the photographers but also the services provided by BabyU. He was grumbling about the inconvenient location initially (well, it was pretty far for us as the location was at the extreme east while we stay in the west), he ended up being a happy customer and bought more than the initial budget that he had set. He was both happy with the photographs and the way the team of photographers handled the children to make it a great time for them. :)


What I like about BabyU?

BabyUThe service of the Korean Photographers are superb.  They really live up to their name as an authentic Korean style photography studio as their photoframes and albums are especially imported from Korea. All chosen photographs will be sent to Korea for touch up and develop.  The turnaround time is fast and we are able to collect the photos within a week.

The color combination is fantastic and they have already know the matching colours of the background and the costumes to bring out the most vibrant images.

The cleanliness of the clothings is something I like too.  The costumes worn by the kids are washed after every photoshoot.  Parents can be assured that the costumes that the children wear during the photoshoot session are fresh and clean ones.

What can be improved?

The studio, being unconditioned on that day, was a little hot at times especially for Ashton who posed in “winter”. Good thing is that the photographers were very swift and they managed to get the shoots done up even before the children feel it.

As an overall, the whole family has got a awesome experience at BabyU.

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