Homeschooling may still be a minority option, but the resources available, particularly online, are vast enough to make it seem like a mainstream enterprise.

There are blogs by homeschooling parents, curriculum sources, retailers of learning supplies, social networks for homeschooling parents, definitive websites on popular educational philosophies such Charlotte Mason and Unschooling, and online courses, to name a few. The list is extensive. And don’t forget the ever-popular retailers

Everyone has their favorite set of go-to resources, so only you can develop your own personal list of the best ones.

Resources For Homeshool Parents

Resources for Homeschooling Parents

Google and Pinterest can be your gateways but a simple search on anything homeschooling-related can quickly lead you down a rabbit-hole of endless links to tempting must-do and must-have ideas, activities, advice and materials. You’ll have to apply some discipline and focused browsing to find the resources that work for you.

To bypass some exploratory clicking check out on the most prominent home educational approaches and curriculums out there.

While the array of overseas blogs, websites and Facebook groups seem endless, local ones are definitely more manageable, and possibly more helpful for your context.

Looking for inspiration and ideas from local homeschool families? Check out the following blogs:

To get connected with the local homeschooling communities on Facebook, look for the groups ‘Homeschool Singapore’ and ‘Singapore Homeschool’.

In addition to providing opportunities to get to know other homeschoolers, veteran and novices alike, these groups often function as a place to crowdsource for advice and ideas, share resources, announce events, and swap, sell or source for books, materials and supplies. Yahoogroups has Singapore HG (of which the Singapore Homeschool FB group is an extension) which has sister groups for homeschoolers of preschool-aged kids and teenagers.

Educational supplies for Homeschooling

For educational supplies, there is quite a selection of Singapore-based retailers:

  • The Learning Store
  • September 21
  • Beacon Education Supplies
  • Growing Fun
  • Kydz Edu
  • Right to Learn

While not actually local, is a UK retailer fabulous for their affordably priced books which ship free to Singapore. also has a free shipping option – you just need to fill your shopping cart with only qualifying merchandise (most books do) totaling a minimum of US$125. Then there is, with their incredibly diverse range of items and affordable shipping.

Of course, the internet is not your only source for homeschool helps.

As a homeschooler, you’ll probably find yourself regularly needing to stock up on books, consumables and other supplies.

Popular Book Store

Popular bookstores remains a staple for textbooks and other children’s books, stationery and art materials.

daiso stores

Daiso, the Japanese chain where every item costs only $2, has now also become a go-to for stationery, art and DIY supplies, and home organization, among many other things. Selections vary from store to store with Daiso so, if you’re searching for something specific, you may have to try at least two or three outlets to find what you need.

Art Friend store

Art Friend, with locations in and around Bras Basah, Plaza Singapura and Clementi, is a favorite for artists and budding artists and DIY-ers.

Many homeschoolers turn to enrichment options for their kids, to support a special interest such as ballet or horse-riding, or to outsource or supplement a subject, e.g. Chinese or Math, for which they feel their own skills or knowledge is inadequate.

Enrichment options are abundant in Singapore, and a quick search online or query sent out to friends, homeschooler or otherwise, will probably give you some good leads. You can check out some enrichment programs for your kids here.

Finding your support

Perhaps, after all is said and done, your best resource is other homeschoolers. Homeschooling can be a lonely journey, especially when close friends and family are less than supportive. Many parents find a friendship with another homeschooler, one who is seasoned, or even just a year or two ahead of you, is crucial for the inspiration, support and advice, that is hard to come by, given the unique enterprise that homeschooling is.

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By Sara Rognstad.

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