Want a dose of nostalgia? TNAP editor Michelle Ang recommends these sites:

  • Sibey Nostalgic

sibey nostalgic Photo: www.facebook.com/sibeynostalgic

A community for those who like to look back with pleasure. If you appreciate things from the past, this community is for you. Places, dialects and objects from days gone by. This platform helps you keep those things that mattered to you alive. But more than that, it gives others a better appreciation of the good old days.


  • Old Romances by local film director Roystan Tan

There is romance in every corner we turn. In this sequel to the documentary, Old Places, Old Romances takes us on a journey to experience Singapore through the collective voices of ordinary Singaporeans. Through their voices, we hear personal stories from members of the public who share their anecdotes on radio. Everyday spaces come alive with these special memories, which are bonded forever with these places. Old Romances is a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with.

  • Our Defining Moments – A film about growing up in Singapore

A tribute to all Singaporeans & the memories of growing up, this is a short film commissioned by the National Library Board as part of the Singapore Memory Project. It chronicles the life of a Singaporean man from his childhood to adulthood through glimpses of his life and culminates with the birth of his son. The short film loops the past, present and future of Singapore in a visual journey of familiar images.


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