Miscarriage or stillbirth is a tragic experience for the woman as hopes of motherhood vanish with death. Although the body can heal the wounds of pregnancy miscarriage, the emotions and the mindset may require longer time to recover. It takes will to get past distress and plenty of support from people around you to help you to move on. Looking forward to another life ahead is an inspiration. Here are some useful ways you can adopt in to help you cope with miscarriage:

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Writing is a good way of diverting your pains and sorrows without hurting yourself and others around. Everything unsaid can be contained in paper. Share your thoughts and feelings through writing them down. In your most sorrowful moment, writing is a refuge. Listen to your heart and put everything you heard into writing.


Talk to your friends on how you feel. And take time to cry to pain out. Crying is a way for you to release the burden inside. In pregnancy miscarriage, support from friends are critical.

Stop self-blame

No one really wanted things to end the wrong way especially you. You may find yourself responsible for your baby’s health but no mother ever wished her child to be ill.

Go Away

Even the normal individual needs time to be away from the usual setting. Going away can be helpful for you to accept and forget the bad experience. Take some time off away from home and go places where you and your partner can find time to bond together. Unwinding gives you fresh and unique ideas that will help you heal and let go of the past.

Set Rules

Ask your partner, family members and all people immediately around you to try not to talk about you or the event. Hearing things about what happened will only worsen the pain. Try to engage in wholesome activities with them instead.


Find some moments to remember your child as a special part of your life. Remembering will help you in letting go of grief. Let the bad feeling you had melt away with the past.

It is never easy for the expecting mother to accept pregnancy miscarriage. However, with a positive outlook in life, the joy of knowing that there will always be a second chance is helpful in your recovery. Start anew. Never close your chance of becoming a mother.

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