carrying three babies

Babies are gift of love. It is such a joy to welcome a newborn into the family – what’s more when you are welcoming two, three or more. Your joy escalates and so does your workload.

Identification Problem

  • It is easy to tell your twins apart if they are non-identical. However, if they are identical, you will probably have some problems telling them apart after you are out of the hospital and they are no longer wearing identification bracelets. This is normal, so do not feel guilty.
  • You can try to acknowledge them by taking note of distinguish features like moles, birthmarks or skin tones.
  • As you get to know them better, you will be able to recognize them by their unique facial expressions. If distinguishing them is still difficult, maybe you could differentiate the color of their clothes.
  • You will be able to tell them apart more easily as they grow and take up different personalities.

Feeding Time

  • It is a tough and time consuming task if you are nursing multiples. If you do not feel comfortable at the initial stage, it is good to sought advice from the lactation consultant.
  • Try to express and store your breast milk so that your husband or another caregiver can help you feed the other baby as the baby take turns to be nurse.
  • When your babies start eating solids, you might want to feed them from the same bowl, which can be faster and less messy. This is provided that they are not unwell.

Bath Time

  • It is important to put the waiting siblings in a safe place or have someone to look after her when you are bathing the other. This is very important as you need to focus on bathing the other.
  • When they are older and able to sit up, you might want to get a bigger bath tub and bath them together. Have someone to help you as one need to watch out the other one while you dry one of them.
  • Remember to get your essentials for bath ready so that you would not get distracted.

Dressing Up

  • Research shows that dressing twins or multiples alike have the tendency to reduce the chance for the individual identity of each child to emerge and blossom. At around six months of age, try giving them their own clothes so as to bring out their unique personality.

Pat yourself at the back and give yourself a break

  • It is understandable that you will be tired and did not have a proper rest for quite a while. However, rest is the most important thing for you to revitalize yourself and be a more effective mummy.
  • Get your husband to take over the babies during the weekends so that you can rest and recharge yourself. Do not be over particular on the cleanliness of the house if it is not as pick and span as before.
  • Mothers with multiples are more likely to suffer from baby blues. Get help from family members and friends to lighten your load.
  • Relax and hang on when handling twins or multiples. Once the routine is set, you will begin to realize the joy of having multiples and the warmth they bring to the family.

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