Being a mother is an exciting mystery. The joy of knowing that someone lying peaceful in the womb awaiting for the next nine months to pass is incomparable.

For one, someone is already breathing with, listening with you and anticipating a great life ahead with you and your family. Motherhood is something which cannot be compensated by any material thing in this world especially that only the woman is genuinely crafted to fulfill this role.

pregnancy timeline

In reality, pregnancy is a painful journey. One has to prepare herself through proper exercise and the right diet in order to keep up with bodily changes. Here are what to expect with your baby during the progression of your pregnancy timeline:

First four weeks:
Fertilized egg implants itself into the uterus and the baby is then called blastocyst. Chorionic villi forms and the yolk sac sustain the pregnancy until the placenta is fully formed.

Second month:
Fetal development becomes critical. Your baby turns to be an embryo and the heart begins to beat. Baby’s head and bottom are discernible and the upper limb and the lower limb appear. Lungs, stomach, pancreas and liver are evident.

Third Month:
Baby’s bones harden and movement becomes spontaneous. Eyes open and external ears form. This is the beginning of the fetal stage and the tail begins to vanish.

Fourth Month:
Yolk sac gives way for the placenta to give the food for the baby. His heart begins to pump 25 quarts of blood a day. The baby grows to 6.3 inches and three ounces. The gender can be detected through ultrasound.

Fifth Month:
Fingers and toes are forming and finger prints begin to develop. For baby girls, eggs are forming in her ovaries. Our baby is now covered with fine hair.

Sixth Month:
Eyebrows are formed. Your baby’s body temperature is regulated by brown fat which continues until birth.

Seventh Month:
Babies begin to turn head down. They can already sense dark and light inside the uterus.

Eighth Month:
Red blood cells continuously occupy the bone marrow. Contraction is obvious as the baby responds to light. Amniotic fluid is still present and the baby is now able to urinate.

Ninth Month:
Organ development continues for finishing touches. Weight gain drastically slows down and babies reach seven and a half pounds.

Monitoring your baby development will guide you to proper lifestyle in order to create a good impact on baby’s health and condition. It pays to seek for doctor’s advice once you feel that something is not occurring to the pregnancy timeline.

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