The physiological changes during pregnancy can have a whole host of physical discomfort and emotional imbalance. Though it occurs naturally, these are signs our body is telling us about our health condition. One method parents can consider is preconception cleansing.

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Cleansing Your Body Before Pregnancy

Preconception cleansing is a colon cleansing and rebuilding of health before pregnancy begins. The idea is to remove encrustation (partial undigested food that stayed in the gut) toxin build-up over time, the major causes of poor health. It is often neglected by people as getting pregnant is a natural act mostly without planning.

Once a woman conceives, a cocktail of hormones is working to ensure her body is fit to carry a new life. Naturally, women will experience vomiting and nausea (aka morning sickness) as part of the pregnancy journey.

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Morning Sickness – A Process of Detoxification

What many don’t realize is that morning sickness is the result of detoxification. It occurs naturally during early pregnancy by expelling harmful toxins in the mother’s system, so that the womb becomes a safe and nurturing environment for the baby to grow in. If the body is not fit to continue a pregnancy, a miscarriage may occur. In the occasion that the pregnancy does not terminate, even though conditions are not optimal for healthy growth, the foetus may develop poorly and the mother’s health is compromised.

Your Health = Your Baby’s Health

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The health of the baby is shaped to a great extent by the health of both parents at the time of conception to the first year of life according to Primal Health Research Data Bank by Michel Odent. All babies have the right to be born healthy. However, some end up with birth defects such as cleft lips, nerve disorder, metabolic disorder and poor eyesight. Autism, ADHD, learning disability, asthma and eczema are also some common conditions in children today.

If couples can be more conscious, cleansing for both partners before conception can help to decrease the risk of miscarriage, birth defects, stillbirths, premature birth, underweight babies, genetic abnormalities and allergies. In turn, this will reduce the financial burden on costly medical bills and the emotional distress from taking care of a child with special needs.

Daily Exposure To Environmental Pollution

In our modern city, it is almost impossible to avoid toxin build-up. We are bombarded by air pollution, drinking unclean water and eating chemically treated food. Modern diet that consists of mainly refined food (flour-based, refined sugar and salt) actually causes encrustation (accumulation of partial undigested food) in the gut over time resulting in the sluggish colon and slow bowel movement. Since the colon is highly absorbance, the toxin will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. That is one of the causes of toxaemia. This is why periodic cleansing or detoxification is recommended.

Detoxifying or cleansing your body is just like spring-cleaning. It should be done periodically, or for pregnant mums, it should be done at least six months prior to conception. Naturally, it is impossible to absolutely guarantee perfect conception, pregnancy and childbirth, but it is possible to give you and your baby the best odds available.

Contributed by ChildBirth Odyssey.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is solely for educational purposes and can be controversial. It is not meant to replace medical advice. Should you have doubts consult your care provider.

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