Learning Comes ‘Alive’ at Morris Allen English

Dinosaurs come to life as animated children donning 2D glasses take turns to role-play the different characters while reading a dinosaur story, complete with roars and actions.

Then, the children gather around and discuss what they would do if they were to encounter dinosaurs, after which, they are exposed to vocabulary such as ‘herbivores’ and ‘roam’ in an exciting Match-the-Word game.

For the engaged group of seven-year-olds, it is yet another literacy lesson brought to life in a classroom.

Building Each Child’s Capabilities and Nurturing Soft Skills

Morris Allen English Nurting Critical Thinkers

Each month, students are introduced to a theme upon which reading, writing and oral language activities will be centered on. Through books, videos and class discussions, students are drawn to think critically about the topic and pick up vocabulary related to the theme, before being exposed to a variety of learning exercises such as grammar and comprehension which build up their linguistic capabilities.

They will also hone their skills in writing with an emphasis on sentence structure while being encouraged to make use of the grammar and vocabulary skills acquired from their lessons on the theme.

Through specialized questioning techniques, the teachers at Morris Allen English are able to elicit students to think out-of-the-box and, develop empathy, critical thinking and other soft skills which are relevant to future proof your children’s education in today’s ever-changing environment.

A Trusted Rigorous Curriculum

Best English enrichment Morris Allen English

Not simply focused on enrichment and role-play activities, the main curriculum is carefully crafted based on the latest English Language Syllabus from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and also written in consultation with MOE experts.

Teachers at Morris Allen English have a common commitment to delivering quality lessons. Comprising of mainly English Native speakers who are highly qualified and experienced, they attend regular professional development programmes and are trained to focus on aspects of the English Language that students commonly find challenging.

Each term, students also undergo an assessment week where they undergo a written examination and are guided in the areas of time management and exam strategies to prepare them for their examinations. Each student also gets a weekly summary report sheet on the lesson, which outlines the MOE syllabus areas covered in the lesson and the skills they have picked up.

A Love for the English Language – For Life

With more than 10,000 books in Morris Allen English centres, students borrow three books a week and present on what they have read at the start of every lesson. The small class sizes ensure that each child gets attention and is encouraged to share ideas freely with the other students. It is here where many students develop a love for reading and for the language.

English enrichment centre singapore Morris Allen English

“The teachers are simply amazing! They know how to motivate us to study hard and show us how to have lots of fun doing it. This is the best place to learn English in a very inspiring and fun way!”

– Nina Tetlak P3(E) student (pictured above)

The array of learning activities, a wide range of resources and dedicated teachers here at Morris Allen English provide a nurturing yet stimulating environment where each student not only picks up literacy and soft skills but is also empowered to become a confident language learner, for life.

The Morris Allen Difference

At the heart of Morris Allen’s teaching methodology is a belief that children should be intrinsically motivated so that meaningful learning can take place. The strength of their curriculum lies in a unique, holistic and integrated approach, and this aligns with a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning which is infused in their lessons. Mr Morris Allen, who designed the curriculum, was also the past President of Mensa (the high IQ society) and founder of the Association of Gifted Children Singapore.

With exposure to interactive and stimulating class activities, their students develop a love for the language and become more confident in writing, as well as articulating themselves. Over 80,000 students have benefited from their programmes since 1993, a testimony of how Morris Allen English is a trusted learning centre for many parents.

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