Mobile phones are now the easiest way to get in touch with your kids while you are at work. Whether our children are at home or in school, cellular phones are helpful gadgets for parents to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts.

A single call could determine how your children are doing and who they are with. But then again, not all technological advancements are solely for beneficial results. Some pose threats to family relationships and children’s activities like mobile phones.

supervise kid mobile phone usage

Children are now engrossed with the games and other features which advanced gadgets are incorporated with. WLAN features pave the way for kids to browse the internet without you even knowing. This is why there is a need for parents to supervise their children once they allow them to use these gadgets. Here are some pointers to consider when disciplining your children regarding the use of cellular phones:

▪ Introduce phone etiquette. Remind your children that the phones which you are allowing them to use are for personal and family purposes. Teach them how to answer calls the right way and be able to compose polite messages when replying through SMS.

▪ Tell your kids to put their cellular phones in silent mode when inside places of worship or their classrooms. This way, they will learn to respect venues that require silence and focused attention.

▪ In terms of budgeting, teach your children to spare a little amount which they could save for buying toys or paying for their monthly bills or for availing of network features like internet use and game downloads.

▪ Once in a while, find time to check on their phones, look into who they are communicating with and browse on some internet pages they have searched into. Kids will find it hard to keep undesirable things like obscenity and foul images and sounds which they could acquire from their classmates and friends.

▪ Give schedules to when they could use their phones at home. Set time for studying and make sure their cellular phones are kept while they are doing their assignments.

▪ Hone their sense of responsibility through asking them to care for their own phones, prevent chances of losing it, and keep up with their allocated budget for calls and text messaging.

It is only through the absence of parental supervision that children tend to try out things which are not appropriate for them. Mobile phones for children bring about huge benefits and practicality especially during emergencies. Technology will result in maximum benefits if parental guidance is applied.

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