“How old are you” or “How heavy are you” are probably the two questions most women would want to avoid being asked.

Weight plays a big part in the lives of all women. Especially in a world where we are constantly fed with perfectly airbrushed slim and toned bodies on magazine spreads. Not to mention all the celebrity moms who manage to lose all the weight they have gained during pregnancy within such a short span of time.

Fat Facts To Know

If you are 21 – 29 years old… If you are 30-39 years old… If you are 40 years and above…
Prone to lower-body fats problem (especially for mothers working in the office) Female hormones deteriorate by almost 15% Start to enter menopause stage
Metabolism rate and digestive system starts to gradually slow down May experience physiological changes such as increased appetite or compulsive eating
High stress levels will lead to hormones imbalance, leading to the growth of fats
Highly stressed women with post-pregnancy weight problems will face more difficulties when trying to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and figure


Fat Prone Areas In Your Body

Don’t know what are the fat-prone culprits in our body? Time to get acquainted with them.

Flabby Arms

Flabby arms

  • Commonly occurs when the a) skin is stretched, b) there is excess overall body fat or  c) if the body mass under the skin is not firm.
  • Other causes: Poor skin elasticity due to age, skin thickness or genetics
  • Usually occurs to women aged 25 and above
  • More obvious in the upper arms as women tend to be less muscular than men and have a higher percentage of fats
  • Women who lose weight without toning is more likely to have flabby arms, as the body mass is lost but the skin has been stretched

Belly Fats

Belly Fats

  • Even women who are slim in all other areas may have belly fats
  • Main cause: consumption of more calories than the body is able to burn off
  • Other causes include:

Pregnancy – Skin around the belly area is stretched and the muscles that are separated begin to sag. Fat present in the belly area then becomes more prominent.

Menopause – Weight gained from dropping estrogen levels and the excess weight resides at the belly area.

Cellulite and Saggy Skin

  • Cellulite are clusters of fat deposits below your skin, pushing against connective tissue between your skin and muscles, resulting in a dimpled appearance.
  • A problem that plagues women of all ages, sizes and weight.
  • More commonly found in women with excess body fat.
  • Saggy skin is a result of the skin being unable to conform to the new shape, which can be due to weight loss and smaller body mass.

Heavy Bottom

Heavy Bottom

  • Also known as the pear-shaped figure.
  • Formulation of estrogen causes higher levels of fats to be stored in a woman’s body, accumulating around the buttock, hip and thigh areas.
  • When level of estrogen declines with menopause, the fat will shift upwards to become belly fats.

Thunder Thighs

Thunder Thighs

  • Can be inherited or commonly caused by excess estrogen in the body
  • Other causes: Improper food intake
  • Too much estrogen results in the body storing more fats around the thighs for both men and women

With all these pressures and information swirling around, it can be hard for women to feel the pressure of maintaining a good body type. Women with post-baby weight loss problems tend to have more difficulties in restoring to their pre-pregnancy weight. Now, a little boost to our self-confidence would not harm us. After all, when we look good, we feel good. This is where help from the experts will come in handy.

Getting Back In Shape for Mother of Two

Josephine Tan - Before

After giving birth to her first child, 41-year-old Josephine Toh’s weight increased to at least 8 kg. After having her second child, her waistline expanded and she developed chunkier and flabbier arms. In order to hide her ballooning figure, she resorted to wearing loose and oversized t-shirts.

Like many others, she tried many off the rack slimming products but none of them helped her in achieving the results she was looking for. “I wanted to get back my pre-pregnancy shapely figure. Upon reading some good reviews online, I decided to visit Slimming 101.” the stay at home-mum adds.

Visible Results After Treatment

“I underwent their Signature Meridian Therapy that uses the body scrub and acupressure massage. Through the treatment, I could feel my skin tone becoming smoother and my skin also became more radiant.” Josephine remarks. Slimming 101 Signature Slimming Treatment effectively breaks down stubborn fats and increases drainage for lymphatic nodes. It promotes metabolism rate, reduces the size of the actual fat chamber and significantly improves body contours.

Supported By Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Through Slimming 101’s TCM acupressure body massage and the professional advice on TCM diet plan, Josephine was well assured and glad that the slimming treatments only eliminated fats from targeted areas. “The TCM treatments not only helped me attained my dream figure, it has also helped improve my overall body condition with no fear of weight relapsing.” Josephine was not only looking slimmer, she was feeling healthier than before.

Are You Losing Fats At The Right Places?

Josephine Tan - After

Sister Company of Beijing 101, Slimming 101 targets specific weight and fats problems. The targeted areas include: water retention, post-natal weight gain, hereditary weight problem, thunder thighs, flabby arms, belly fats, cellulite & saggy skin and heavy bottom.

What’s So Special About Slimming 101?

Besides using high-tech slimming machines, Slimming 101 uses premium quality botanical ingredients to lose excess weight and fats in safe, painless and effective ways. Only premium extracts are taken from these herbs under the most stringent of laboratory conditions, and they are used after careful evaluation of the client’s body and health.

Some of the top grade botanical herbs used are: rosemary, lavender, white thyme, citron fruits, cinnamon leaves, juniper, sage, peppermint, capsicum, black pepper and ginger.

Treatments also include ancient acupressure and acupuncture point massage. Plus, Slimming 101 provides personalised one-on-one consultation to understand the body conditions of each customer, catered to their specific needs.

Fun Herb Facts! Did you know? Cinnamon leaves help dissolve cellulite by dilating capillary vessels; rosemary activates lymphatic nodes to enhance drainage and blood circulation; while white thyme acts as a tonic with anti-inflammatory properties.

To A New Slimmer And Healthier You

Because being slim and slender is not merely about looks, it is s also about one’s health. Slimming 101 is here to help you achieve your weight goals through effective, safe and healthy ways. Guaranteed results of up to 16cm and 1kg in one session!

This post is brought to you by Slimming 101.

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