Remembering is a fairly powerful exercise. Being grateful for the good times, humbled by the tough times, and mindful of the fleeting bits of joy and grief that characterize the days of our lives.

And, especially when you have young children to call your own, the every day of life is so full of precious moments, that many of us wish we could stop time to savour those hugs, that smile, this conversation, that giggle…

Photographs are definitely one obvious way of preserving your memories for the years to come, but they are, after all, merely pictures, and subject to a myriad of interpretations by the viewer.

Here are creative ideas on how you can personalize your keepsakes so that the memories don’t fade with time.

#1 Scrapbook It

Say hello to SMASH books, one of the best inventions of the scrapbooking world!

Pick up one at your nearest store and pen in quick, snappy updates on the little moments that matter.

Right after you snap an interesting pic (or sometime that day), write how you felt, what you observed, when it occurred, what exactly happened, and so on.

When your photos are developed, stick them right onto the pages of your book with the acid-free glue pen that comes along with the book.

Or pin them to the photo page with a cute paper clip. Another easy option is to stick it on with some pretty washi tape!

#2 Book It

Ideas To Keep Your Children Photos - Photobook SingaporePhoto: Photobook Singapore

Our iPhones are typically crammed full of candid pictures of our everyday lives, and some of these pics could tell a story when put together in a coherent fashion.

Think of themes like “A day in the life of me” or “Where our feet take us“. Then select a set of photos from your collection and get them printed into beautiful photo books!

Besides being a great addition to your coffee table collection, they are great gifts for your spouse or grandparents.

Instagrams in particular, lend themselves to many similar projects, with their pleasing square shape and range of filters and effects to play with.

To get started on creating your very own photo book, you can check out these sites:

#3 Box It

No, we don’t mean stuff your photos into a cardboard box (not that we’re saying you can’t either) – but how about creating a shadow box to commemorate a special day, event or experience?

Dates like your child’s first birthday. Or a family holiday. Even his first time on a bicycle or her first play date.

Simply assemble an assortment of paraphernalia from the event you want to ‘box’, buy a shadow box frame, arrange your stuff to your satisfaction, and glue it all in place!

For example, if you’re doing a box of your vacation, you could include a plane ticket stub, a pressed and dried leaf, a postcard of your holiday destination and a couple of polaroids.

By Dorothea Chow.

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