Perhaps the most commonly question uttered by children when they learn how to ask is not when, how, what, where or who, but why.

“Why do caterpillars eat so much?” “Why do stars twinkle?” “Why do Camels have humps?” “Why do mountains have snow on top?” “Why does the wind blow?” “Why does my tummy rumble?” “Why do Kangaroos have pouches?” “Why do spiders spin webs?”

I wonder Why Series By Kingfisher

I Wonder Why series by Kingfisher aims to answer some of the frequently asked questions by children. With topics ranging from Science, Biography, Geography to History, this series is a brilliant way to keep your little ones’ mind buzzing with curiosity. Suitable for kids 4 to 8 years old, each book is packed with informative facts, interesting trivia and quirky illustrations which will not fail to amaze, amuse, and whet your child’s appetite for knowledge!

I wonder Why Book Series is available at KidSpecialty at $5.50 for each book.

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