In the bustling urban landscape of Singapore, where advanced technology and academic excellence are highly prioritized, it’s not uncommon for children to spend a significant amount of time indoors, often engrossed in their studies or electronic devices.

This lifestyle, however, has brought about a growing concern for parents – the prevalence of myopia in Singapore is on the rise. If not properly addressed, myopia, which is also referred to as nearsightedness, has the potential to impact a child’s future quality of life.

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Fortunately, there’s hope for concerned parents in the form of MiYOSMART lenses, equipped with D.I.M.S. Technology!

The Myopia Epidemic in Singapore

Singapore has been grappling with a rising myopia epidemic. It’s a problem that affects not just the present, but can have far-reaching implications for a child’s future. Myopia in childhood is linked to a higher risk of developing severe myopia in adulthood, which can lead to eye health issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.

These conditions can result in reduced vision quality and the need for invasive treatments, something every parent wants to spare their child from.

The Power of the Outdoors

Studies have shown that spending more time outdoors may slow down myopia progression in children1-2. Natural sunlight and distant vision stimulate the release of dopamine, which helps to regulate eye growth and prevent the elongation of the eyeball, a leading cause of myopia.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance. While outdoor time is beneficial, it’s equally important to protect your child’s eyes from the intensity of sunlight when they are outdoors1,3,4. That’s because children’s eyes are more susceptible to damage from UV (ultraviolet) light compared to adults1,3,4.

Children’s pupils are larger, allowing more UV rays to penetrate the eye, and the lens inside a child’s eye is less effective at filtering UV radiation4. This increased susceptibility calls for proactive measures to protect children’s eyes from the sun’s harmful effects.

The Solution: MiYOSMART with D.I.M.S. Technology

MiYOSMART, fortified with D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) Technology, is a game-changer for managing myopia in children5. These lenses are clinically proven to slow down myopia progression by an average of 60% compared with those wearing conventional single vision lenses5.

HOYA MiYOSMART lenses D.I.M.S. Technology

What’s more, a first of its kind six-year follow-up clinical study demonstrates that the myopia management effect of MiYOSMART is sustained over time for children wearing these innovative lenses6. It is also confirmed that children who stop wearing MiYOSMART lenses show no rebound effects when compared to the initial myopia rates of progression during the two-year randomised control trial or with the general population6.

MiYOSMART myopia control

Made from an impact-resistant material, MiYOSMART is designed to be lightweight and slim while providing UV protection, making it perfect for the active lifestyle of any child. Additionally, it is child-friendly with its easy-to-clean, water-repellent, and anti-reflective coating.

MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control: Photochromic Myopia Management with Comprehensive Protection

For children undergoing atropine treatment, it is likely that they experience photophobia or light sensitivity due to atropine dilating the pupil7,8,9. This discomfort, especially under intensive light, may put them off going outdoors, playing sports, and joining activities that are good for their well-being.

MiYOSMART Sun emerges as a practical solution. Equipped with photochromic lenses, they rapidly adapt to the levels of sunlight by automatically darkening outdoors and fading back to clear indoors10,11. This dynamic response to light levels not only provides crucial protection against harmful UV rays but also ensures that myopic children, particularly those undergoing atropine treatment, can comfortably and confidently enjoy outdoor activities without the hindrance of light sensitivity.

MiYOSMART myopia management outdoors

Moving beyond sun protection, MiYOSMART Full Control lenses take a comprehensive approach to eye care. These lenses offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays on the front and back surfaces of the lens, as well as protection against blue light from digital screens. To further enhance hygiene, the lenses also boast an anti-bacterial coating that is effective in reducing bacterial growth.

Combining the strengths of both MiYOSMART Sun and MiYOSMART Full Control, HOYA introduces its latest innovation: MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control. This cutting-edge solution represents HOYA’s commitment to effective and non-invasive myopia management with essential protection. It allows your little ones to enjoy a clear and comfortable vision both indoors and outdoors, supporting their lifestyles and overall well-being!

Make the Smart Choice with MiYOSMART!

MiYOSMART provides a comprehensive and safe solution to slow down myopia progression and safeguard children’s eye health. With features like adaptive light conditions, blue light shielding, 100% UV protection, and an anti-bacterial coating, parents can empower their child’s vision. Protect how your child sees the world by choosing MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control for an effective and non-invasive myopia management with all-in-one protection!

Visit HOYA website to learn more about MiYOSMART and find an eyecare practitioner near you to get your child started on the journey towards healthier eyes.


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This post is brought to you by HOYA MiYOSMART.

By Joanne Heng.

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